Atlanta – Good Guy With a Gun Rescues Pregnant Pizza Driver Being Pistol Whipped

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Atlanta, GA- Blue Lives Matter reported that on June 20, a pregnant pizza driver was accosted by three people, one of whom had a gun. One male began to strike her with the weapon in a carjacking/robbery attempt. Fortunately, a neighbor with a gun intervened and rescued her. The woman is 8 months pregnant.

The incident occurred at around 9 p.m. on Wednesday in Southwest Atlanta, as she was delivering a pizza to a residence.

“The victim advised that one of the males was holding a black handgun. At that time, the male with the gun started to strike the victim with the weapon and demanded the keys to her vehicle.” Atlanta Police Spokesman Officer Jarius Daugherty

The woman attempted to run to a nearby home when the three caught up with her and continued to pistol whip her.

“Drop the gun or I will drop you!”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that neighbor Dennis Madarais heard the ruckus, gabbed his gun, and ran outside.

“When I came around the corner here, I saw three people were beating on this lady. One of them had a gun. One of them turned around and he had the gun in his hand. I told him, ‘Drop the gun or I will drop you!’ And they threw the gun down and all three of them took off.”

Police arrested the adult first, and the two teens later. One boy, 16 and one girl, 16, were charged with criminal attempt to commit robbery, aggravated assault, and obstruction of officers. The boy was also charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of controlled substance.  The adult was not identified nor charges listed.

The victim was taken to the hospital as a precaution since she was pregnant. In an interview from her hosptial room, her aunt told WAGA,

“They tried to kill her the way they beat and kicked her in the stomach. She is eight months pregnant.”

Fortunately the victim only had cuts and bruises.

Eleven days prior to this incident, a 9 year old boy lured another female pizza driver to the same street, where two men stole her car at gunpoint.

Dennis Madarais is a hero. Had he not intervened, the woman could have been seriously injured or even killed. Not that liberals care.


Featured photo: screenshot via Blue Lives Matter,  Dennis Madarais

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