Atlanta Armed Protesters Attempt to Set Up Cop-free Zone

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Atlanta Armed Protesters attempted to set up a cop-free zone at the site where Rayshard Brooks was killed at the burned out hulk of Wendys. Police weren’t there, but said they were “monitoring” the situation.

“APD is monitoring the situation and plans to coordinate with community leaders and the Wendy’s property owner to address security issues and help preserve peace for this community as soon as possible.” Police statement to Fox News.

UPDATE: According to FOX, the armed protesters have been removed. No further information on who or how was revealed.

Rayshard Brooks was killed when he grabbed a taser from an officer, and turned to fire it at another officer, who then shot him. Atlanta has had its share of the anti-police sentiments roaring through America. Added to that, accusations of “blue-flu” as numerous officers called in “sick” over the last several days, police are feeling abandoned by city leadership.

The Atlanta armed protesters claim that police in Atlanta aren’t there to help them, and aren’t welcome at the site.

“The police aren’t allowed here because they’re not here to protect us.” Atlanta Armed protester  

The arson of Wendy’s

Natalie White, 29, reportedly Rayshard Brooks girlfriend, is accused of burning down the Wendy’s, and is currently in custody on an arson charge. She was arrested shortly after Brook’s funeral at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. (

“The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Unit just apprehended Wendy’s arson suspect Natalie White moments ago. White is being booked into the Fulton County Jail right now. This case is being investigated by @ATLFireRescue Arson Unit. @FGTV @FultonInfo.”

At least three armed protesters were at the Wendy’s site, and one of them was emphatic that his right to bear arms was not going to be infringed.

“It’s my legal right to bear arms. And at no point will I allow my right to be disturbed.” Atlanta armed protester



Featured photo: screenshot via Daily Mail


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