ATF Agent Ambushed During Drug Operation in Gary Indiana

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Gary, Indiana – It was supposed to be a “controlled drug buy” operation. But while agents were conducting it this morning, a shootout erupted as the buy was ambushed. An undercover ATF agent was shot in the chest and the shooting suspect was killed, another suspect is in custody.

The ATF agent is expected to recover, initially reported to be in critical condition, now listed as “stable.”

UPDATE: We have learned from a non-law enforcement source that the crash pictured had nothing to do with the ambush. Unfortunately, it was on all the news sites. So we have removed the featured photo and replaced it.

The is the 2nd ATF Agent shot in this area in the last month. The first one was shot in the face during a joint operation with Chicago PD.


Thirty ATF agents were sent to Chicago earlier this year after President Trump tweeted that he was sending help to Chicago because the gun violence was out of control. It’s still out of control.

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  • Gary Runde

    The crash had nothing at all to do with the ATF shooting in Gary. They were two separate incidents not related to each other.

    • Faye Higbee

      Thanks, Gary- all the news sites had those photos and it made no sense whatseover. I have replaced the picture and republished it.

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