Assault Weapons Ban to Go on 2020 Florida Ballot?

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Proponents of an assault weapons ban want to place their idea on the 2020 Florida ballot. In the past, such methods have often worked to restrict law-abiding citizens’ 2nd amendment rights.

Washington State is a case in point with I-1639. Bypassing the legislature is how the anti-gun lobby pushed through their ideas on the ballot.

An anti-gun group plans the same tactic for Florida.

Local 10 reported,

Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody opposed the initiative and requested the state Supreme Court keep it off the ballot due to it being overly restrictive and potentially confusing to voters. 

In a statement to Local 10, Moody’s spokesperson Lauren Schenone wrote: 

“As a former prosecutor and judge, Attorney General Moody evaluates the legality of each initiative petition without regard for her own political preferences to determine whether (they) will be misleading to the voters. And regardless of your position on gun restrictions, the proposed ballot language is a trick. The drafters of this proposal selected language that hides the ball by defining “assault weapons” in a way that could arguably include virtually every semi-automatic long gun — even those that would never be described as assault weapons.”

The initiative requires gun owners to register their firearms, but allows a “grandfather clause.”  A registry is a prelude to confiscation, according to the counsel for Florida Carry

“Any time any government has ever registered firearms it’s only been a matter of time before they decide to confiscate those firearms… We’re talking about restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens who have broken no law in order to control what criminals will or will not do.” Eric Friday, counsel for the gun rights group Florida Carry

766,200 signatures are required for the measure to be reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court for legal language before placement on the ballot on February 4th. The deadline for the signatures is February.


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