Arson Threat Against Trump Supporters in NH: Left Wing Terrorism on the Rise

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A threat in a letter sent to homeowners in Milford and Brookline, New Hampshire stated their “group” would to burn their houses down if Trump doesn’t concede the election. All of that because there are Trump-Pence signs in their yards.

The letter read, according to WMUR:

“Dear neighbor, you have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter. Your address has been added to our database as a target when we attack should Trump not concede the election. We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make that it is current and that it has adequate coverage for fire damage. You have been given ‘Fair Warning.'”

“We have identified you as a Trump supporter.” Wow, they can read the signs and flags. Whoopee. But these are dangerous crackpots. Left wing terrorism is growing across the nation. In these cases, the police referred them to the U.S. Postal Inspector and State Attorney General’s office.

But this case is not the only threat across the country: the leftist terrorists are gearing up for the elections, and they have all of us and especially the President in their crosshairs.
The Federalist reports some of the actions they plan to take:

Riot and protest instigators plan to “make sure Trump leaves the White House” by any means necessary after the Nov. 3 election, according to website posts from the group Shut Down DC and their allies. “W]e’re making plans to be in the streets before the polls even close, ready to adapt and respond to whatever comes our way,” the group says on its website currently.

“Trump has shown that he will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on power. Trump will not leave office without mass mobilization and direct action,” an Oct. 13 version of the same web page reads, according to Internet Archive records.

…On the page, Shut Down DC sketches out its plans for election night and immediately following. On Nov. 4-7, the group says it plans to “do whatever it takes”…

We’ll keep it going until Trump concedes. We could be in the streets throughout the fall and into the winter– maybe as lots of rolling waves of action or possibly as a few major tsunamis! In other parts of the country, as vote counts conclude, our focus will turn from protecting the vote counts to themselves being ungovernable.

As it becomes clear that Trump’s coup is failing, institutions and the elites will start to abandon him – or we will approach them as part of the problem. Either Amazon will shut down AWS for the Trump loyalists in the government or we’ll shut down their fulfillment centers. Either governors will tell their national guards to stand down or we’ll shut down their state capitals as well. Over time, Trump will grow increasingly isolated and his empire will crumble down around him.

Then — and this is the important part — Biden will move into the White House and be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. —

By Any Means Necessary – the motto of leftist terrorists. Is the Federal Government gearing up for this? We sincerely hope so.

Featured photo: screenshot of one home’s Trump-Pence support via WMUR


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