Army Veteran Stabbed to Death in Bronx Grocery

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A 70 year old Army Veteran was stabbed to death on Friday by a woman who screamed that he was a racist. The incident occurred in a Bronx Grocery.

At around 12:20 p.m. on Friday, Madelyn Tamarez, 31, who has a long criminal history, reportedly ran up to the veteran and “launched” herself at him, screaming, calling him a “racist.” He was in the Sam Aden Grocery buying a cup of coffee, as had been his habit for 17 years. Conflicting reports say she spit at him, or he spit at her after she called him a racist.

As people pulled her off of him, she left the store, only to return about 15 minutes later with a knife. She stabbed him in the torso, and though he was rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced deceased.

“He was a good guy. I know him long time. He would come to the store every day and relax, drink coffee, talk…
She fight him hand-to-hand. She grabbed a knife from somewhere else. She stabbed him two times and he died.” Sam Aden, store owner.

The Daily Mail reported,

Surveillance footage from inside the shop shows a woman who appears to be Madelyn Tamerez, 31, launching herself at [the] victim who was buying coffee around 12.20pm and shoppers pulling her off the man who lived nearby at the New Era Veterans Home.

The woman is reportedly “unbalanced” and fights with people regularly both in the store and in the neighborhood.

The New York Daily News reported,

“She’s always around,” said a man who works in a local tax preparing business and wished to remain anonymous. “She always has that knife. It’s a kitchen knife.”

“The same time last year she comes over,” the man explained. “And I tell her to leave my stuff alone and she showed me the knife. So I said get that s–t out. And she ran off.”

Security video obtained by the Daily News shows Tamarez walking into Westchester Grocery and Candy on Feb. 5, pulling down her pants, and going to the bathroom on the floor while customers ignore her.

Kaid’s brother, Idris, 26, who works at Westchester Grocery and Candy, told The News what led up to the foul act.

“Last week she came in here to fight with my worker … she takes the magazines and she threw (them) outside,” Idris Kaid said. “She came back to fight with him again and you see the video, she takes her pants down.”

Another worker at the Westchester Grocery, who didn’t want to be identified, said the woman has been violent in the past.

“She’s on drugs. One time she came in here sniffing something. So I kicked her out. And she came back and scratched me right here in my face,” he said pointing to a deep scar near his left eye.

Tamarez has been arrested several times in the last few years – assault, aggravated harassment, and theft of services, etc. She was charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon for this incident.

The victim’s name has not been released, as he has no family in the area.

Tamarez and victim in surveillance video
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  • Paula Coffman

    Thank you for you article. Just shows how unjust our justice system is.

  • Betty


  • Michelle

    This women should be locked up and not get no cushion mental health lock up. She deserves prison for life or death. That man fought for her damn freedom and that’s the thanks she gives. Why the hell was she not banned from the store after so many problems for so long ?? She probably would have been locked up and this never happened?? Sad you care more about her money then the well being of your customers that the owner has to live with. Some people just are not worth the business and a man that made it possible for our freedom lost his life to a crazed drug addict all because no one banned her from store! God bless this mans family and friends R.I.P. 😢🙏 May your soul be in heaven with your loved ones. And may you get the justice deserved by this women being allowed back inside to take your life. If I was that mans family I would sue the store I’m just saying in my opinion

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