Army Redesigns Basic Combat Training – Lack of Discipline, Sloppy Appearance in New Recruits

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The US Army’s Basic Combat Training (BCT) has had a rough time with the new crop of recruits, as entitlement, lack of discipline has caused commanders to take a hard look at what they need to do. By summer, the redesigned BCT will go into effect. Should be an eye-opener for snowflakes who don’t think getting to work on time is important.

“What leaders have observed in general is they believe that there is too much of a sense of entitlement, questioning of lawful orders, not listening to instruction, too much of a buddy mentality with NCOs and officers and a lot of tardiness being late to formation and duties. These are trends that they see as increasing that they think are part of the discipline aspect that is missing and that they would like to see in the trainees that become soldiers that come to them as their first unit of assignment.” Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, commanding general of the U.S. Army Center of Initial Military Training 

The problem with recruits who are so clueless and think it’s just an ordinary job that they can slough off is that without the right attitudes, they can get killed – even in training. They can’t be lazy. They can’t ignore lawful orders. The physical fitness requirements for the course have been increased. They’ll have to qualify with firearms that just have iron sights instead of optics. Their combative training hours are increased to 33 instead of the former 22. It’s designed to weed out snowflakes.

The new BCT will reinstate a focus on “Drill and Ceremony” to build discipline. They have added three new exercises called “Hammer, Anvil, Forge.” The Forge (FTX) concludes their training, but it won’t be a pnuff moment to sit around and unwind. It will be an 81 hour field training exercise that includes night infiltration, medical evaluation training, ethical decision making, resupply missions, march and shoot, communication, and more.

“If you succeed in making it through the 81-hour FTX … then what will happen is you will earn the right to become a soldier. You will earn your beret, you will earn a ‘soldier for life’ certificate, you will get your National Defense Service Medal and your uniform will look exactly like a United States Army soldier.” Maj Gen Frost

They’ve deleted hand grenade training and land navigation as requirements for graduation. They’ll get it later in another segment, but the Army says it takes too much time during the BCT to train people for those skills.

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New soldiers arriving for their first day of basic combat training on Fort Jackson, S.C., are welcomed by drill sergeants from both the Army and Army Reserve. (Sgt. 1st Class Brian Hamilton/ Army)


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