Army Captain Larry Casey – Vietnam Veteran No Longer Alone

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The Army Times reported that Dave Fullarton, a close friend of a retired ATF agent, found the cremated remains of Army Captain Larry Casey in his friend’s belongings. Fullarton had never met the Captain, but Casey had also worked for the ATF as an instructor in the Explosives Division. He was also a Vietnam Veteran. Casey died unexpectedly of a heart attack in 2002.

The caring of strangers

No one knew if Casey had any next of kin, so his ATF friend took his remains. There may have been a service in 2002, but since Fullarton had no idea, he contacted the Baltimore National Cemetery, who then scheduled a burial service for May 15 at 11 a.m. They expected it to be an “unaccompanied” service.

Fullarton posted the situation on Twitter.

Fullarton asked for anyone available to come to the burial service so that Casey wouldn’t be buried alone. But he got a huge surprise.  Within a week of his social media post, Captain Casey’s family was found, including his widow.  Strangers went to great lengths to follow up on the post and found the family. Jan Casey and others in the family planned to be there on May 15 for the service.

Jan Casey was gratified that someone “went the extra mile” to find the family of their loved one. They notified the Baltimore National Cemetery to go ahead with the burial. It was teh caring of strangers that brought this Vietnam veteran to his final resting place. He is no longer alone.


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