Armed Utah Teachers Learn Active Shooter Response

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Armed Utah teachers took a special training from Utah County Sheriff’s office that was designed to help them handle their guns safely, and give them tools to handle an active shooter situation. It took Utah county several months to design the training program, which taught “how to disarm a gunman, where to shoot on the body, how to properly aim and unload a firearm. They also went over de-escalation techniques, self-defense and medical responses such as how to pack a wound and tie a tourniquet on a child.”

The armed Utah teachers attended the training in Spanish Fork. Officials said about half of them brought their own guns. The training is voluntary, but the Utah County Sheriff’s Teachers Academy has a waiting list for the next training, which is four weeks long. It’s shorter than law enforcement training but excellent for helping teachers understand all the facets of active shooter situations.

Utah has a large number of concealed carrier permit holders. According to their BCI database, there are “705,438 Total Valid Permits as of March 31, 2019… of which 259,350 Permit Holders are Utah residents.” Utah county Sheriff Mike Smith says that’s the reason it’s best everyone know how to handle the guns, and develop the skills needed for an active shooter situation.

“If teachers are going to be bringing firearms into schools, let’s make sure they know how to handle them safely.” Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith

The training was set up in a warehouse to look like a school. They had to find the shooter, and make critical decisions during high stress situations. It appeared to be similar to the FBI’s “Shoot Don’t Shoot” training that is now done mostly in a simulator rather than an old building, according to Police Magazine.

The armed Utah teachers say the training was valuable.

“I know how to protect myself and my students now; I know what to expect if the worst happens.” Nancy Miramontes

“The idea of being trapped in a classroom with my students and not being able to protect them bothered me. I want to defend them and keep them safe, not be a sitting duck.” Sandy Grow

“I’m more confident in my skills and what to do if something happens. I’m not as nervous now. I can help.” Mike Erickson


But the bad guys should be extremely nervous. Armed Utah teachers might just prevent them from harming any student in any Utah school.

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