Armed mob with sticks and knives confronted by German Police

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Meck-Pomm state in Northeastern Germany is a populated area. And in the town of Ludwigslust, “strange things” have been occurring, according to Spiegel. So when a motorist called in a report of an armed mob creeping along the edge of a local highway, police responded immediately.

Lately, three ducks were stolen from an enclosure in the city. Then there was the burning down of a warehouse to the tune of around $109,087. It’s like a “forest of signs” that point to a problem, especially since most of the residents appear to dispose of their household garbage in “paper containers.” Whatever that means.

So Saturday, around 1145 local time, an astute motorist called in the report of a mob armed with sticks and knives “creeping” along the edge of the road. German police moved quickly to confront them.

Four marked police cars and two unmarked ones responded to the call, immediately surrounding the armed mob. Well…sort of.

german police

looks lethal- but it’s one of the tools used by asparagus harvesters

Turns out the “armed mob” were actually asparagus pickers on their way from the field to lunch break. White asparagus is somewhat of  a delicacy in Germany. Major problem averted. Nobody was arrested and the police went home unharmed.

The motorist who called in the ‘mob’ should probably be embarrassed, but there is no word of whether he apologized or not. Give him credit for paying attention, if not to details, at least to what appeared to be weapons. Well not exactly weapons, and the sticks part was kind of odd. Let’s just say he blew it. But it did give the German police something to do for a few minutes.


A typical white asparagus field

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