Armed Men Who Walked Into Dearborn Police Dept Get Surprise

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The two men who walked into the Dearborn Police Department on Feb 5 armed and in full tactical gear thought they might just get misdemeanor charges for being idiots. But the misdemeanor charges were dismissed and felonies put in their place.

After an investigation by Dearborn police on over 7,000 text messages between James Baker, 24, of Leonard, and Brandon Vreeland, 40, of Jackson, it was learned that the two men were “activists” who had encouraged others to do similar acts. Police called them “professional provocateurs.”

Felony weapons charges

The charges were: carrying a concealed weapon, disturbing the peace and assaulting, resisting or obstructing a police officer. Baker was also charged with brandishing a weapon. Michigan is an open carry state, but both men had concealed handguns at the time of arrest…which is generally a felony in the state under MCL 750.227 and can have up to 5 years prison time.

Stupid is as stupid does

Their aim was to get police in trouble by claiming that law enforcement made an “illegal stop.” They have also been trying to take advantage of “Trumpophobia” to further their own ends.

Clickondetroit reported

[Sgt] Carpenter said some 7,000 text messages have been investigated between Vreeland and Baker about their “protests” and taking advantage of “Trumpophobia” by wearing full Muslim robes and carrying AK-47s at demonstrations.

“There’s discussion of having a death wish, making funeral arrangements and embracing the idea of being known as the public enemy,” Carpenter said.

The judge stated that the charges were “serious” so he upped the bond. Bond for Baker is set at $50,000 and bond for Vreeland is $20,000. They must forfeit all their weapons if bonding, and have to wear a GPS device, with the stipulation that they cannot contact each other. They are due back in court on March 10. If convicted, the weapons are forfeited permanently.

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