Armed Man Arrested at Trump Tower

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An armed man was arrested by the Secret Service at Trump Tower after he attempted to push his way through a Secret Service line awaiting Donald Trump’s Motorcade at around 10 p.m. on Tuesday night.

Anthony Shark, 54, was arrested after he resisted the line of Secret Service agents and grabbed at them while they attempted to get him under control.


Anthony Shark – cropped screenshot

Media spin is out of control on both sides

The mainstream media is pushing the idea that ‘Trump has destroyed his life,’ when Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with this man deciding to defy Secret Service agents. The New York Daily News also engaged in totally unprofessional tactics by calling the Republican nominee a “blowhard billionaire.”

Screenshot 2016-08-04 09.56.44

Screenshot of New York Daily News reference to “blowhard billionaire”

Then there’s the Alternative media who are pushing the agenda that he was there to assassinate Trump. Some are saying that the man tried to grab a Secret Service Agent’s gun to “assassinate Trump” with it.  He had his own gun, what would he need with one of theirs?

What is the Truth?

Anthony Shark is a retired New York City Police Officer. Though some sources are citing that he is an ex-FBI agent, that is not correct. He currently works security for Harry Winston Jewelry, which has  a store across the street from Trump Tower. He has a legal Concealed Carry permit.

Reports say he was just “drunk and didn’t want to be told where to walk.” Did he just happened to wander that direction after slogging down a bunch of after-work drinks?

Mr. Shark appeared in court on Wednesday and was released without bail. He is charged with resisting the agents and assault.  His attorney told the judge that he posed no danger, and investigators say that he had no intent to murder Donald Trump.

trump tower

Trump Tower, New York. Photo via trumptowerny.

He was allowed to keep his weapon for his job. Reuters reported that the judge asked him if she could trust him to “stay away from the Secret Service,” and he responded “yes.” He faces 8 years in prison if convicted.


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