Armed Louisiana Convenience Store Owner Foils Armed Robbers

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An armed Louisiana convenience store owner stopped three armed robbers on Sunday night, Nov 5. Lee Rays General Store in Wardville has an owner that took care of business when he and his customers were threatened by thugs. He shot two of them, the third ran away. They probably thought a convenience store was easy prey- sometimes it is; other times like this one, not so much.

Frank Issa, the store owner, and his brother were dealing with customers on Sunday when three men with hoods came into the store, two of them with guns and started demanding money from the cash register. They were shoving the customers around in an attempt to intimidate them as they attempted to rob the store, one of them even jumping on the counter.

Frank’s brother distracted them just long enough for him to duck under the counter and grab his own weapon. He shot two of the robbers and the third one ran. In the surveillance video you can see the robbers scatter in panic, and bolt out the door.

KALB reported,

Issa said they demanded money. And one pushed two customers out of his way and jumped on the counter. He continued to point his gun at Issa.

That’s when Issa’s brother distracted the attempted robbers, allowing Issa to grab his own gun. Issa began shooting at the three men, he said he hit one in the stomach and one in the arm.

We spoke with Sheriff William Earl Hilton, he told us one victim is still in the hospital, and the other was treated and has been released to his parents. They are still searching for the third suspect.

If word travels fast, like it should, the likelihood of other armed thugs trying to steal from this store should decrease. Trying to make a quick buck didn’t work out so well for these fools.

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