Armed Little Caesar’s Employee Takes Out Masked Attacker

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According to Blue Lives Matter, armed Little Caesar’s employee Heriberto Feliciano, 28, was attacked by a man in a bloody “clown mask” on Saturday night in Holly Hills, Florida.

Heriberto was closing up the business at around midnight, and had just walked out of the store when a man in a bloody mask ambushed him. The man began striking the victim with a board until it broke.

Then he got him on the ground and prepared to stab him with scissors. That’s when Heriberto was able to draw his concealed weapon and fired several shots at the attacker. The suspect fell to the pavement and was unresponsive when police arrived. He died at the hospital.

Here is the surveillance video of the incident:

Police found the mask and scissors beside the suspect. Once again, the 2nd Amendment saves a life.  According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Feliciano suffered minor injuries and was transported to the hospital by relatives. Police referred to the mask as a “clown mask” but it’s closer to a vampire mask. Not that it matters anymore.

screenshot of suspect


Featured photo via Holly Hills Police

  • Hazel

    It is highly likely that the attacker was mentally ill and might have benefitted from professional help. That is not a reason for the victim to let the attacker use him for a pincushion. I congratulate the pizza guy for having the presence of mind to remember he had a gun. I wonder why no one thought to get the attacker help before his illness killed him?

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