Armed Illegals, Surge in Violence Against Border Patrol

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Illegal immigrants in many cases are resorting to violence, according to the Washington Times and the Daily Mail. Whether it’s something as simple as biting the arm of a border patrol agent or actually shooting agents, things have heated up.

Washington Times wrote:

Customs and Border Protection recorded 1,089 assaults in 2010, which steadily dropped through 2014, when there were just 381 assaults. But things turned violent once again, steadily rising to 856 assaults in 2017.

Last year was the most violent this decade at the border, with 28 assaults per every 10,000 apprehensions.

In the interior, meanwhile, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and officers saw 48 assaults in 2017, tying 2010 as the highest in records going back to the beginning of the decade.

That was nearly double the number from 2016.

ICE officers, who handle deportations, and Border Patrol agents, who patrol the line between the U.S. and Mexico, say they’ve seen an increasing willingness on the part of migrants to resort to violence in recent years.

One 25 minute video put together by rancher John Chilton and Arizona Recon shows the never ending stream of illegals on his property. He owns 50,000 acres near the border in Arizona.

The Daily Mail reported,

The remote area is known for drug and migrant smuggling.

A US Border Patrol agent was wounded on Chilton’s property back in June when he was shot while canvassing the area.

Chilton said at the time the agent was struck in the leg and the hand, but several bullets also struck his protective vest.

‘Without it, he probably would not be with us today,’ Chilton told the Associated Press.

The rancher said his property is separated from Mexico by a four-strand wire fence.

‘We have drug runners coming through our ranch and this has become a very dangerous situation,’ Chilton said.

John Chilton is 79 years old. He says 40 people have died on his property. In 2014, he offered the CBP 10 acres of his ranch to use as a “forward operating base.” They have not yet taken him up on the offer.

“Can you imagine what it feels like to run into people with AK-47s dressed in camo and with 30 people behind them? We all go the other way as fast as possible.” John Chilton

Build. The. Wall.

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