Armed citizens guarding military recruiters labelled threat

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Marine recruiters were advised by military officials in a FROST (Fast Response on Short Transition) to call police if armed citizens show up to guard them, and to make sure they are not “supporting” the armed citizen in any way. They are treating armed citizens of this nation who wish to protect the military that is unarmed…as a security threat.

 armed citizens

Oathkeepers Greg Shchillen (left” and Adam Bulder (right) with dogs Clyde and Buddy on guard at Burlington, WA recruiting offices July 22. photo via Skagit valley Herald/Marine Corps Times

“Troops should not interact or engage with the armed citizens unless absolutely necessary… If such an interaction is unavoidable, Marines should tell the volunteers their intent is appreciated, but their presence is unnecessary, and disruptive to ongoing recruiting operations.

Under no circumstances should Marines allow an armed citizen to enter the recruiting office, or handle the citizen’s weapon in any way…Inform [law enforcement officers] that the Marine Corps did not request nor do we support [armed citizens] being in proximity of our facilities…” Lt. Gen. Mark Brilakis

A similar directive was sent to Army recruiters. They were advised to call their local law enforcement, and even the lessor of the property and have the armed person removed.

According to Stars and Stripes:

The Army has warned its recruiters to treat the gun-toting civilians gathering at centers across the country in the wake of the Chattanooga, Tenn., shooting as a security threat.

Obama’s grand plan

The administration’s big plan for safety was to “close the blinds,” and at least temporarily not be in uniform. Let’s see, that would be effective, right?  The big sign over the door that says “Recruiting station” will be unseen if the blinds are closed…good grief. Let’s hang a big blanket over the door that says “no recruiters here” and see if that works.

To be blunt, the administration’s lackeys have told our military that citizens are more dangerous than terrorists. And they refuse to label a Muslim extremist as a terrorist in spite of the evidence.

Operation Warrior Guardian

Two organizations together, Oathkeepers and the Three Percenters, launched Operation Warrior Guardian. It is an effort to guard recruiting stations across the country that has resulted in armed citizens showing up at facilities from Washington to Texas.

One situation added to the concern, when a man in Lancaster, Ohio was charged with a misdemeanor for accidentally discharging his weapon while guarding a recruiting station.

Because the government believes that their presence will “scare people away” – or “distract from the mission” of the recruiter, there is a question that arises:

If people who come to a recruiter are intimidated by people with guns, what earthly good will they be on a battlefield?

One person, who commented on a previous story about armed citizens at recruiters, stated that he thought they should go home, again, because it intimidated and distracted from the mission. What do you think?

The “kinder, gentler” military will not stop Islamic terrorists from their mission of death.  Until the American people wake up and do what needs to be done IN SPITE OF this government, our men and women will continue to die at the hands of jihadists.

“The great thing about this county is we stood up without wanting anything. The biggest way to substantially lower the possibility of an attack is to have your presence there.” Marine veteran Bradley Toler, 25 [who stood outside a recruiting office for 2 hours then was asked to leave by law enforcement]

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