Arlington Heights, IL – Armed Homeowner Shoots Home Invader, Punches the Second

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Arlington Heights, Illinois – The Arlington Heights Police Department responded to a report of a home invasion on April 4 at around 1:57 p.m. involving a man with a gun. One suspect fled the scene, the other suspect was shot by the homeowner. Parts of the episode were caught on the homeowners RING surveillance camera.

The Chicago Tribune reported,

According to police, the homeowner said he heard a knock on the door and assumed it was his landscapers. He told authorities that when he answered the door, two men pushed their way inside the house, where his wife and two children were inside.

Police said that the homeowner told them that, after Finnan ran off, he went back inside to get his wife’s weapon while Brodacz held the man’s wife and children at gunpoint.

The homeowner and Brodacz fought, and at some point, Brodacz was disarmed, according to police.

Authorities said Brodacz was shot and killed by the male homeowner with his wife’s gun.

Brodacz reportedly lost his gun in the struggle, and pulled out a knife. When police arrived, they found the suspect deceased on the 2nd floor, and caught the suspect who fled on Sunday.

“Fearing for his life and the lives of his wife and children, the homeowner discharged a round from the family handgun, striking Mr. Brodacz in the abdomen.” Arlington Heights Police statement

Arlington Police Posted this update:

UPDATE on Arlington Heights Police Department Report #20-04823 which occurred On Saturday, April 4, 2020 in the 2400 block of N. Evergreen.

A thorough investigation was conducted in this matter to determine the facts surrounding this incident and if criminal charges were appropriate. The investigation revealed that Larry D. Brodacz and Bradley J. Finnan pre-planned to force their way into that particular residence and rob the homeowners at gunpoint. This was a targeted crime and not, a random act of violence against the community.

Bradley J. Finnan fled the scene and Larry D. Brodacz was later pronounced dead at the scene and the Cook County Medical Examiner subsequently ruled the death a homicide.

The facts of the case were presented to the office of the Cook County State’s Attorney for consideration. That office approved two counts of Home Invasion and one count of Felony Murder against Bradley Finnan. Mr. Finnan was taken to the Third District Court House for a bond hearing on April 7, 2020.

Two days after the incident, residents in the neighborhood were worried that their safety was at risk. Arlington Heights police told them that the home invasion was not random, but targeted. The surviving suspect told police that two years ago, his partner saw a large sum of money in boxes at the residence, so he thought it would be a good idea to rob the place. In the middle of a pandemic when everyone is at home. Brilliant.


Featured photo: Bradley Finnan, Arlington Heights Police mugshot.


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