Arkansas Bill to Prohibit Domestic Abusers from Owning Firearms

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Federal law and all states have laws that prohibit felons from owning a gun, with varying degrees of success. An Arkansas Democrat has introduced HR 1655, a bill which seeks to prevent anyone who has been convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse from owning a gun.

Many states already have laws similar to this one regarding a conviction of domestic abuse – or “violent misdemeanors.” One problem is that the more laws that are on the books, the higher the chance of human error. This Arkansas bill requires the state to forward conviction information to the NICS system. How many times over the last 10 years has human error resulted in the loss of lives? Remember when even the USAF failed to forward the Sutherland Springs shooter’s domestic conviction to NICS?

Disposition information is another issue: courts across the nation are tasked with sending disposition information on all criminal charges. Anytime there is a human involved, that is problematical. Courts are overloaded across the country. They have many responsibilities to send the disposition to both NICS, state databases, etc., to comply with the laws of each region. Even though most courts and states are automated these days, it doesn’t help when sheer volume creates problems.

Local12 reported:

House Bill 1655, filed by Rep. Nicole Clowney, D-Fayetteville, would also require a court to forward records of the conviction to the Arkansas Crime Information Center. The center would then send a copy of those records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Under this proposal, a misdemeanor offense involving domestic violence includes the use or attempted use of physical force or the threatened use of a deadly weapon.

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States like Massachusetts, Nevada, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois (many others) codify domestic violence as a crime that prohibits someone from purchasing or possessing a firearm. We thoroughly understand that domestic abusers are a problem…yet they seem to obtain firearms regardless of any laws.

We have seen failure after failure when violent people who by law should not have possessed a firearm still get them. When the laws become burdensome, criminals are still armed…it’s the rest of us that end up paying for it.

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    More and more laws again st c
    Guns the problem is where will it end pretty soon if you get a traffic ticket you can not own a gun, slowly taking our 2nd amendment away

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