Arizona Democrats: SB 1625 – Surrender Your “Assault Weapons” or Register Them.

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Arizona Democrats have introduced SB 1625, a bill that specifically prohibits possession and manufacture of “assault weapons,” “high capacity magazines,” as well as certain semi-automatic handguns and shotguns. The bill demands they be surrendered, registered, or made inoperable. It also prohibits manufacture of those items unless it’s for law enforcement or military.

Arizona has traditionally been relatively gun friendly. If this bill were to pass, that would be history. It is a totally partisan bill, with 12 Democrats cosponsoring, and no Republicans.

Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins noted:

Moreover, the text of SB 1625 makes clear that the legislation ends not simply the ownership of “assault weapons,” but the manufacture of said firearms as well. An exception for manufacturing is provided for those making guns for police or military.

The statute to surrender said firearms also applies to “high capacity” magazines and certain semiautomatic pistols and shotguns.

Not only are they prohibited from owning them, if they have a weapon prior to the passage of the bill, they must register it. (You know, so the authorities can tell who has them.) This bill would do nothing except create hoops for law abiding gun owners.

From SB 1625:

To register an assault weapon that a person legally possessed before the effective date of this section, the person must comply with the following requirements:

Submit to a background check conducted by the appropriate law enforcement agency to confirm that the person is not a prohibited purchaser under 18 united states code section 922 or a prohibited possessor pursuant to section 13‑3101.

Unless the person is currently prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, immediately register the assault weapon with the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Safely and securely store the assault weapon pursuant to the rules adopted by the department of public safety.

Annually renew the registration, subject to completing a new background check.

Possess the assault weapon only:

(a)  on property that the person owns or immediately controls.

(b)  while on the premises of a licensed gunsmith for the purpose of lawful repair.

(c)  while engaged in the legal use of the assault weapon at a duly licensed firing range.

(d)  while traveling to or from locations listed in this paragraph if the assault weapon is stored unloaded in a locked container during transport.  For the purposes of this subdivision, locked container does not include the utility compartment, glove compartment or trunk of a motor vehicle.

Report the loss or theft of a registered assault weapon to the appropriate law enforcement agency within forty‑eight hours after the loss or theft is discovered or should have been discovered.

The bill includes civil liability for the weapon owner if it’s used in the commission of a crime and law enforcement wasn’t notified of its loss. A registered weapon cannot be transferred. If one is inherited, it must be rendered permanently inoperable or given to an FFL holder or law enforcement for destruction.

Judging just from the comments on this bill, many Arizonans are highly unhappy that it was even proposed. This comment is an example:

Commenter Jeremy writes, “(UNBELIEVABLE):: I am beyond shocked that this is even being attempted!! How does this bill uphold the sworn oath to protect the constitution? This bill is a treasonous act against our constitutional rights. The creators of this garbage have thrown everything they can in it in hopes to get even a fraction of it passed. They are chipping away at our rights and if we give them an inch they are going to take a mile!! This bill is punishing law-abiding citizens, Plain and Simple. No criminal is going to follow these laws, but we will, and we will suffer from it. I believe this a clear statement of their intentions by presenting such a horrible bill. We all must come together and vote these people out!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!”


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  • Nick

    Man come you guys are you really trying to cause war because you guys might get it.

  • Don't Tread on Me

    Come and take it. Flipping Communist scum.

  • Mercee Blakk

    Honestly, I thought we [AZ residents] would be last in line to go through this. However, it does not shock me that they [D] would attempt to push bills through states where Pro-2A is the highest.
    The game is: remove the head from the snake and the rest has no choice but to submit.

  • Steve

    These folks who wrote this Bill ALL TOOK AN OATH to. protect our Constitution and have failed to do so they must believe they have enough political power from the far left to shove this down our throats we need to have etched in our minds every single name that has signed this Bill and vote them OUT !!put an end to their political career here in AZ

  • John

    Thanks Faye, keep up the good work.

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