AR Ban Failed in Virginia – Northam Loses!

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Northam’s AR Ban failed in Virginia on Monday, as some members of the Democrat party bailed on the proposal. (Secondamendment Daily) The bill was being debated in a Senate committee meeting. The Senators voted to shelve the issue for 2020, and have the State Crime Commission “study” the issue. Cheers erupted in the meeting hall when the vote was revealed.

Four Democrats joined with Republican Senators to stop the “assault weapons ban” (HR 961). Though HR 961 was a watered down version of the original bill, it would have banned sales of certain semi-automatic weapons (an AR ban, essentially) and banned the sale and possession of magazines larger than 12 rounds.

Numerous gun control bills have already passed the legislature, which will make obstructions for Virginia gun owners across the board. They are limited to one gun purchase per month, “universal background checks” on all purchases, a red flag law, and a law that allows localities to ban guns within their jurisdictions such as public parks, buildings, etc.

Virginia has been the epicenter of the gun control frenzy since the Democrats won the election and flipped the legislature to Democrat. No thanks to Michael Bloomberg, who poured millions of dollars into the state to do just that. It has been completely successful up until this morning.

Over the weekend, a Bloomberg campaign stop in Virginia drew the ire of gun rights advocates. State Senator Amanda Chase said,

“He can take his money and he can keep it in New York. Virginia doesn’t want his money. He’s already tried to ‘New York’ Virginia and we’re done. We don’t like it all and that’s going to happen across the country.” VA Sen Amanda Chase to Fox

The fact that there are still “moderate” Democrats is an amazing thought. The ban on the most popular rifle in America is not fully dead in Virginia, it’s just “shelved” for the time being while a study is being conducted.  But it is good that 4 Democrats saw the divisiveness of such a ban and voted to stop it for now.

Gov Northam must be livid.

He claimed he didn’t want to “confiscate” the weapons of law abiding citizens. He lied. He added money to his budget for jailing those who did not comply. His attorney general threatened law enforcement officers on numerous occasions if they didn’t enforce the unconstitutional ban. Now all of that is moot for the time being.

Virginia gun owners responded to the news of Northams’ failed attempt in various ways, but this one was right:


Featured photo: screenshot of previous Virginia Gun Rights rally via NBC news video


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  • Steve Gossard

    If AR-15 rifles were the problem, or the people that have them were the problem. There would not be any Democrats to vote to take them away…..they all would have been shot if we were the problem.

  • RonH

    Americans will never give up their 2nd amendment rights, and no way any candidate running as a socialist or threatening more gun bans will win in 2020.

  • Tony

    Why don’t VA vote to remove his ass from office?

  • Ashley

    Bloomberg doesn’t have enough of a head on his shoulders to take care of himself, much less our country. Socialism supporters can take their creepy ideas and move to the places that are already socialists. They have the freedom here to do that, so buy your tickets out and leave our freedom alone! I am already completely confident that Trump will be our 2020 winner, and hope the Democrats don’t try to cheat again. I love that they will require photo ids at the polls this go round. I feel like that should have been done several presidents ago.

  • Wesley Powell

    I’m thankful it went this way because, it’s too much trouble in our Country And our State, Va. Because, of a lot of seemingly free time on some peoples Hands . We don’t need our own starting trouble especially that would get a lot of innocent people hurt or worse because of a crazy bunch of stuff which should never have became and up roar . Va.Is For Lovers And We Do Not Need Trouble Makers …………

  • Tyrone A Vassion

    They’re not limited to any of those unconstitutional laws.
    It’s against the law to mess with any 2nd amendment B. S. Laws.

    • Tyrone A Vassion

      Sorry to be clear any so called law infringing on the 2nd amendment is null and void. I can’t believe people spend a lifetime studying the constitution. It’s a pretty straightforward document.

      • Lorrie

        When laws are passed that violate the Constitution, it is the sheriff’s job to interpose himself between the citizens and the government. As an elected official, he is supposed to representthe citizens. The sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer of the county.

  • Troy Sadler

    So many Democrats are voting and speaking the same as socialist. They must be stopped at the voting booths. Americans must not give up the right to own firearms. AR’s are the first they after. Them it will be all semiautomatics. They, the Democrats, want to disarm Americans just as the Communist block nations have done.

  • paul

    Leave our countries gun rights alone, and bravo to the democrat’s who voted against this proposed law.

    • Andrew Ohse

      Only for a year. These motards will be back. Now is NOT the time to be complacent.

  • Roland

    These DEMO-RATS need to learn they ain’t taking shit unless they want all out war!!

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