Appalachia, Virginia Quarantines an Entire Apartment Building

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In Appalachia, Virginia, two people in an apartment complex tested positive for COVID-19. Now, the Health Department ordered the police to cordon off the apartment complex as of Friday morning at 8 a.m. and told all the residents that they face criminal charges if they attempt to leave their apartments. No members of the public are allowed to enter the Appalachian Towers complex. The quarantine will be in effect for 14 days OR until the CDC/Health Department lifts it. (WJHL)

Not all the members of the complex tested positive, by the way, only 2 of them. There are 33 residents of the building, mostly disabled or older residents. But now ALL residents have been quarantined “due to their risk of exposure to COVID-19 infection,” according to Dr. Eleanor S. Cantrell, District Director of the LENOWISCO Health District.

The Health Department says that the police cordon is there to protect the community from the virus after some of the residents refused to “self isolate” at home. The entire Wise County has only 8 cases of coronavirus so far. If anyone tries to breach that zone, coming or going, they will be criminally charged with a misdemeanor.

Twitter photo Appalachia Fire Department

One resident told WYCB that all of the residents tested were negative,  which is different from the reports that two residents tested positive.

The Appalachia Fire Department has been coordinating with Emergency Management to bring food and medications to the residents.

“AFD Public Information: Good morning residents of Appalachia. We are updating information as we are notified. Currently according to VDH, Wise County has 8 confirmed cases of COVID-19 county wide. No new cases have impacted the town of Appalachia. Quick action has hopefully stopped the further spread of this virus in our town. As of now the Appalachia Fire Department is delivering food, medicine,and essential needs to those who have been impacted by the virus.

As for our personnel we want to make the public aware that our personnel are healthy and continue to provide services to the people of Appalachia and in our fire/ems district. AFD personnel are highly trained, and have some of the best PPE available to tackle this pandemic. Our ambulances and personnel are fully decontaminated after every emergency run. We want the public to be aware and not be afraid to call 911 if you need medical attention.

The Appalachia Fire Department is working closely with the VDH, the Wise County Social Services, and the town of Appalachia to make sure all residents and their needs are met who are directly impacted. We will keep “you” the public updated if any new information comes forward. Please adhere to the governors executive order. Remember social distancing. Proper hand cleaning, and please wear a N95 rated mask or better if you are in public. We can not recommend any other mask that has not been rated. The virus is here, but we can only defeat it by working together. Treat this as if everyone has it. Protect yourself and follow the VDH guidelines.”

The general public  has trouble getting N95 masks and they are in extremely short supply at that, so the AFD’s recommendation would be difficult to follow. As to their statement that the public must wear a mask of N95 “or better” – is there any such mask of higher rating than the N95? Unless they want the people of Appalachia to wear face shields and call it good.

Featured photo: Screenshot via WJHL


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