Apollo 11- 50th Anniversary

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“Houston, the Eagle has landed.” For those of us sitting on our living room floor watching the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, the words brought pride and patriotism. The people at Houston cheered and clapped each other’s backs, and the rest of us did pretty much the same. It was a great time in America.

Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, and the family of Neil Armstrong joined President Trump on July 19 to celebrate the historic achievement.

New Horizons Ahead

On July 20, Vice President Pence, President of the National Space Council announced: “The Orion crew capsule for the Artemis mission is complete and ready to begin preparations for its historic first mission… America will return to the Moon within the next five years and the next man and the first woman on the Moon will be American astronauts. We’re going back… We’re investing in new rockets, new spaceships. We’re unleashing the burgeoning private space industry.”


Although this is the anniversary of the past moon landing, American space entities are preparing for a new future. The Artemis program is set to land Americans on the moon by 2024.

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

The years of space exploration soon died, and the last American to set foot on the moon was Gene Cernan in 1972. And for the last 10-15 years, the sense of pride in American space exploration waned.

Though Buzz Aldrin would like to see the US aim for Mars instead of the moon, the fact that we’re doing anything at all breeds excitement. For children who look up at the stars at night and wonder if they will be the ones to set foot on amazing planets, it’s incentive to reach for the stars. Unless they’re more inclined to be “social justice warriors” of course.

Here is the epic footage of the moon landing on July 20, 1969

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