AOC’s Green New Deal Fails in Senate. No One Voted For It. No One.

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If you’re going to fail, go big. The Senate today voted on the New Green Deal by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). It failed with not one Senator voting for it. Not even Ed Markey- the Senator who helped introduce it. The vote was 0-57, with 43 Senators voting “present.”

Four Democrats voted with the Republicans. The other Democrats voted “present,” which means they didn’t want to take a stand. Even the 2020 Democrats didn’t vote for the legislation and they’ve all publicly stated that they are for the radical proposal.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the self-professed supporters of a piece of legislation more angry or irritated that they would actually have to vote on it.” Senator Mitch McConnell

AOC took potshots at Senator Mike Lee, who used movies to illustrate mock her Green New Deal. Entertainment value: priceless. Someone tweeted that they’d pay good money to see her debate the Utah Senator.

In an attempt to save face, AOC tried tweeting that she “told them to vote present.” She… “told”… senior senators what to do. Sure. Ok. She’s the “boss” after all. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer reminded everyone that there are 62 Freshman Democrats, not three. But you know the news media, they’ve picked their darlings and are running with it, even if they are incompetent radicals.

All kidding aside, the “Green New Deal” is not being seriously considered by even most Democrats (even Nancy Pelosi refers to it as the “green dream”). While some Democrats called the vote a “Republican stunt,” they still refused to vote FOR the legislation.


  • Jon

    Wow 2a was created for ppl like aoc in our govt, she’s a Looney now I see she’s on a gun grab.Id ask everyone here join the NRA

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