AOC Says “America is a Brutal, Barbarian Society”

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AOC says, “America is a brutal, barbarian society for the vast majority of working-class citizens.” Ouch, that’s over the top, even for her.

Listen in as AOC says we’re a ‘brutal, barbarian society.’

AOC also says that COVID-19 is racist and we should view it through the lens of reparations. She has splinters in the windmills of her mind.

AOC is about as bright as a broken light bulb and has no concept of how dumb she really sounds. Twitter took her to task immediately. But let’s ask the question most of them asked:

If the US is so “brutal,” and “barbaric,” why does she keep insisting that more people come here? Does she want all those illegals to “suffer” from evil America? Remember her hanging off the fence at the border, staring longingly into an empty parking lot as she pretended to be concerned over the illegals? To her, everything is “racist.”  Unless it’s free, of course.

At least 99%of the time, she makes no sense whatsoever. AOC often says things that are openly contradictory. And that’s when she’s making some form of sense. Which is rare.

Here are some of the responses to AOC video (from Twitchy):

@Jen31731920 wrote: “Rich….preaching on behalf of the “have nots” while whipping up margaritas. The poorest in America have all the latest electronics. That sounds like a pretty brutal country and society. Right AOC? Go preach in Cuba or Venezuela if you want to be relevant.”

@TsinoiTalosi: “brutal and barbarian. this reveals that @aoc: 1) has zero knowledge of history 2) has never travelled outside western society.”

@purrpatrol: “She would be surprised that communist “utopias” like North Korea and Cuba aren’t very nice to workers.”

@okinawadiver wrote: “Since it’s such a terrible place we should definitely keep those “poor vulnerable” immigrants out (and repatriate them) to protect them from our brutal barbaric selves.”

@Jeff_Germann responded: “She’s right, this morning I had to fight off Conan JUST so I could get some water at the edge of the river, and then when I was coming back, I got caught between two warring tribes who were fighting with clubs and swords, while I was picking some bananas here in Missouri.”

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  • Patrick Cos

    She’s the comic relief of the Left. She’s better off suited to serving burgers in Hooters. She still hasn’t figured out what goes in a Rum n Coke. 🤣😂

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