AOC blames NRA for New Zealand Massacre

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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had a reaction to the murders of 49 people in New Zealand. And it was in keeping with her lack of smarts: she blamed the NRA, and denigrated people of faith. Her words were typical …but even normal bartenders are more compassionate than AOC.

“Thoughts and prayers” have absolutely nothing whatever to do with the NRA. But liberals like AOC always mock people who attempt to comfort people with those words.

Dana Loesch tried to tell her what the phrase was really all about, but of course, she’s too “smart” and the words probably rolled right on through that empty space.

Others took her to task as well:

She probably sleeps fine at night because she’s oblivious to anything except her own agenda.

This one was one of the best responses:

And that is the bottom line here. The NRA doesn’t exist in that nation. And if we want to express our heartfelt sympathy by saying “thoughts and prayers” for a tragedy we can do it. There are reportedly 250,000 licensed firearm owners in New Zealand, but access to semi-automatic and automatic firearms is restricted.

“Several different categories of licenses are permitted, with the lowest one permitting access to restricted semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, with limited capacity, while the higher levels which permit fully automatic weaponry and pistols are rarely issued to civilians.” wikipedia

Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t the only person who turned a tragedy into a political football, but she is so anti-faith that she sounded like a total moron.

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  • D. Lafferty

    “She probably sleeps fine at night because she’s oblivious to anything except her own agenda.“ I am willing to bet this freshman congresswoman doesn’t even have “her own agenda”. Her strings are being pulled by someone else.

  • Robert Holbrook

    These young idealist are simply capitalist at heart. To separate themselves from the herd, and legitimize their power, they’ll take the herds drive away, and their ability to challenge them. They’ll use emotional strings to win the support of other idealist, to keep them from seeing what’s real. Celebrities for those who really don’t care, but like to pretend they do. And the worst of all, they attract people who’ve not yet learned what it means to capitalize in life, and are desperate at this point for something better. Instead of teaching them what they know, what they themselves used to obtain a better life, they teach them to just wait. Politicians are coming to liberate them. We only liberate because we have the freedom to capitalize! Equality is born from capitalism. Everyone loves the idealist. Their answers are tailored to please everyone. But we can’t have them as our leaders. It’s like children ruling their parents. It’s a perversion to our design. Someone has to be the realist, the parent in the situation. Not everyone will like their answers, because someone will always feel they sit at the bottom of the totem pole. But because of capitalism, they can be encouraged to look the stars with ambition. History shows us that societies under socialist regimes tend to keep there heads to the ground and walk the line. Greed still exists, just not ambition. Not the type of ambition it took to create this great country. When we complain, we should remember that we’re the undisputed superpower of the world. We got here riding a wave of patriotism and capitalism, the effects of freedom. The plan is to make people feel so desperate, things are so bad, that they’ll willingly give their freedoms away. If I was an enemy to this country, it would be my smartest means of a long term effective attack. Let them destroy themselves. The idealist isn’t an enemy by choice, it’s just there inability to make unpopular decisions. But fueled with some power, a personal agenda, and little greed, they’re as dangerous as any dictator this world has ever seen.

  • Lavon

    This woman is a puppet for a group who is organizing across the country called JUSTICE DEMOCRATS. They are a scourge and there is no justice in it. Ruinous is more the word to use. They didn’t think they could get this far in such a short time. That will give you pause. I doubt the Democratic Party is thrilled with this group as it is extreme in every sense of the word. Bernie Sanders is not as extreme. They even make him sound almost conservative.

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