AOC and her “Run Train” on Progressive Agenda

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A few days ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (sort of affectionately known as AOC) made the statement that she and her ilk were going to “run train” on their progressive agenda. She claims to be from the Bronx. She claims to be blue-collar. She’s a former bartender. So she should know what that means. For those who are clueless, here’s the definition of the term: “to participate in an orgy. Usually regarding one female and multiple males simultaneously. Synonymous with ‘gang-bang.'”  

Stay classy, Alexandria.  Violent gang sex talk is not welcome in DC.  It’s sort of bartender-ish talk, much like Rashida Tlaib’s recent reference to President Trump as a “M******f***r” was kind of off the normal Congressional talk spectrum. But “run train” is far worse. These “Democrat Socialists” are a kind of train-wreck already.

Let’s ask: what did she mean?

Pretty sure she didn’t mean that kind of train. Although the high profile Kavanaugh hearing made the slang term pretty well known when Michael Avenatti accused him of doing one.

She’s proving she’s not as “woke” as she thinks she is?

Or perhaps she honestly doesn’t know what she said:

How about…

But this is probably the most relevant idea. Socialists are just a click away from Communists. And their track record at running countries is not good.

As brainless as AOC appears, don’t dismiss her. She has a massive following that has no concept of historical facts, economic facts, or governmental facts. Yet there she is, in a position of power on the House Financial Committee. With Mad Maxine Waters. Overseeing Wall Street and the big banking institutions. So hang on to your wallets, folks, she may literally be trying to ‘screw us over’ after all. Is that what she meant?


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