AOC Allegedly Owes 7 Years of Unpaid Business Taxes

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In 2012, AOC (Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez) created the Brook Avenue Press, a publishing house meant to bring “designers, artists and writers” in to ‘paint’ the Bronx in a positive light. The State of New York shut the business down in 2016 when the business failed. AOC allegedly owes  $2,088.78 so far. Which isn’t much for a congresswoman who makes $174,000 a year.

AOC allegedly owes over $2000 in back business taxes

Back in March of 2019, the New York Post reported that AOC still had not paid her back taxes from the failed venture. At that time the bill was $1,877.56.  The New York Post wrote,

The state slapped the company with a warrant on July 6, 2017, two months after Ocasio-Cortez announced her candidacy to run against Democratic incumbent Joe Crowley for the district that encompasses parts of Queens and The Bronx.

Public records show the state dissolved the company in October 2016, which can happen when a business fails to pay corporate taxes or file a return.

A spokesman for Ocasio-Cortez, who has called for sweeping tax hikes on the rich, told The Post two weeks ago that the taxes would be paid right away.”

It was not paid in 2019, it’s not paid now. The balance has grown to $2088.78 as of Friday (Fox). Her spokesperson says she is challenging the tax bill because she said it was in “error,” and claimed it just “takes time” to resolve the problem. But in reality, AOC has a history of refusing to pay things which are on her personal agenda to refuse.

She wants to tax the rich to 70%.  She doesn’t support business or jobs (evidenced by her stand against Amazon going to New York). She claims America is brutal and barbaric. She wants to abolish prisons. She gripes about our military Veterans.

So taxes? Meh.

History of nonpayment on other things for which she disagrees 

Remember back in January, AOC stirred a row within the Democratic Party because she refused to pay her dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. She appears to be great at raising money, yet she didn’t like the way they ran the committee, so she decided not to pay them. She was for the “non-incumbents” – they wanted to fund the incumbents.

The Hill reported on January 10, 2020:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Friday defended her decision not to pay dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), saying she would instead seek to funnel money directly to Democrats in tough races.

Asked by The Hill if she intended to pay dues to the House Democratic campaign arm this cycle, Ocasio-Cortez replied, “I don’t think so.”…

… She said that instead of paying the DCCC dues — about $250,000 for the 2019-2020 election cycle — she would seek to give directly to Democratic candidates.

“We are trying to raise the equivalent of my dues directly to other members,” Ocasio-Cortez told The Hill. She said the money she has raised has so far gone to backing House Democrats, as well as nonincumbent candidates.

That’s right, the perpetual excuse for everyone- she’ll give it to the candidates “directly.” Pretty tough to do that with taxes. But hey, this is AOC – she does what she wants and people appear to let her get away with it.

Featured photo: screenshot of AOC via Spectrum news NYC


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  • Cherie Catherman

    She she should lose her seat in Congress for not paying her dues.

  • Dutch Mills

    How about No One may VOTE if they have unpaid taxes.

  • Diane Shelhamer

    I agree she is above all and should pose a proper example….just as a teacher with a student…..set a good or possibly a higher educated example….PAY YOUR TAXES.
    Act the part you get paid to play in society f

  • Eric

    Nasty kunt!

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