Antifa vs Patriot Prayer in Portland, Oregon…Again

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The scheduled 10:30 rally of the Patriot Prayer group in Gov Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Downtown Portland, became its standard snarl, as police confiscated items that could be used as weapons from both sides. The counter-protesters who always show up generally have Antifa members to cause trouble.

“You’re not here to fight, but you have a God-given right to defend youselves.” Joey Gibson, Patriot Prayer

Antifa showed up looking like holdovers from the middle ages: helmets, shields emblazoned with the red Antifa logo, black attire, the usual masks. The other side came with American flags, helmets, sticks for self defense and small shields with the Confederate battle flag on them.

One reporter described “lots of screaming on both sides.”

Patriot side:
Shouts of USA USA!!

Antifa side:
Shouts of GTFO- Get the F*** Out!

A huge police presence did their level best to keep the sides separated. Their sound truck demanded that all Antifa people move to the left of Naito Street. None were allowed to cross, as police shut down the intersection. They continually reminded the public that Oregon has no reciprocity laws with any other state, so if you don’t have an Oregon CCW license you can get arrested. Plus, no firearms are allowed in city parks.

Police shouted for people to “vacate” the streets and stay on the sidwalk or face arrest. The also ordered Antifa to leave the area…they haven’t budged as of this writing, and some have been pitching bottles and items at police.

Twitter screenshot via @annaspoerre


Featured photo: Screenshot via Twitter @itsmikebivins

  • Penny

    I’m not sure how I’m supposed to be intimidated by a bunch of wanna be LARPers with cut up garbage cans for “shields.”

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