Antifa Takes Over Portland – Who’s Really in Charge?

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Does Portland, Oregon have a Mayor and police department? Recent developments make you wonder. On Saturday, Antifa began directing traffic and harassing anyone who didn’t obey, even threatening them with violence and vandalizing their cars in a “protest.” We wrote about the summer anti-ICE protest that lasted so long the site became a biohazard. Now, the anarchists are back and they’re growing in boldness…and promoting chaos.

The Antifa/BlackLives Matter people were supposedly “protesting” the shooting of Patrick Kimmons, who was killed by police on September 30. He was reportedly armed, and police found more than one weapon near his body. Actually, they used it as an excuse to take over the streets.

Screenshot via Brandon Farley

Breitbart reported,

Now, the protesters are back on the streets blocking traffic. In a set of particularly disturbing videos, protesters berate and harass two older white men in their cars who refused to obey their traffic directions. “You are a little white supremacist! North Carolina, huh?” the protester said, referring to the car’s license plate, “…Go back to North Carolina where you came from. We don’t need your KKK in Portland, Oregon,” the protester said.

“I’m in the middle of the intersection and [the protesters] are blocking traffic,” the driver says into his phone.

In the other video, the protesters smash an older white man’s sedan after he makes a turn against their wishes. After he zips down the street to get away from them, they chase after the car. He gets out of the car to check the damage on his car. The protesters then continued to smash his car with sticks as he drove away.

This emerging brand of “street anarchy” has left many asking Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to regain control of his city.

Police standing back- “monitoring”- Screenshot via Brandon Farley

Ngo reached out to the Mayor’s office and Portland Police Bureau for comment, but received no answer. The older man in one video went to the police to file a report. The other gentleman did not. Police reportedly told him they don’t get involved in First Amendment issues…

KOIN reported,

“PPB Sgt. Chris Burley said officers were monitoring the protest. Asked why police didn’t step in when protesters went into the streets and affected traffic, Burley said the bureau “weighs the ability for people to gather to practice their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and assembly, as well as the impact it places on the rest of the Portland community. Throughout this event the police bureau was monitoring the crowd.”

Wait, what? Vandalism, threats, are not “first amendment” issues. They are crimes. There was supposedly $3000 worth of damage to the gentleman’s car. That didn’t “impact” the Portland community?

The footage in the tweets was shot by Brandon Farley. The journalist, Andy Ngo, in the above tweet has also been exposing the ridiculous actions in other areas of Portland. Example: one restaurant – a gluten free, vegan restaurant – in Portland fired some employees who wouldn’t serve a black customer when he came in AFTER THE BUSINESS HAD CLOSED.

A friend of mine who lives in Oregon told me on Monday that people are always asking her if she’s a liberal. No, she is not. There are many good strong Conservatives there. But the entire state of Oregon is under that label, thanks to these ridiculous actions. This kind of anarchy is never denounced by their Governor, nor the Mayor of Portland. Their leadership just closes their eyes and pretends everything is OK. It is most assuredly not OK.



Featured photo: protesters begin to surround the older gentleman’s vehicle to damage it

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  • Scott

    Portland police , what a joke. They need a yellow stripe painted on their uniform. They are weak, non combat , special interest non law inforcement.
    If you see a portland police officer struggling please just watch, dont help, act like they do. They also could use a nice wood shampoo.
    Any weak portland police out there? Pussys.

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