Antifa Murder Suspect Fatally Shot by Federal Task Force

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Michael Forest Reinoehl, the Antifa murder suspect who killed Aaron Jay Danielson (aka Jay Bishop) on August 29, was fatally shot by a Federal Task Force yesterday in Lacey, Washington.

The Federal Task force was made up of personnel from the FBI and US Marshal’s Service. Thurston County deputies also assisted. Portland Police obtained a Murder warrant for Reinoehl’s arrest earlier on Thursday. The Antifa murder suspect was shot during the arrest attempt.

Fox reported,

“A Washington-based law enforcement source told Fox News four members had learned that Reinoehl was inside an apartment located within the complex and were waiting for a SWAT team to arrive to arrest Reinoehl when he came out of the house and got into a car. The officers decided to immediately make a traffic stop, the source said.

As they did so, Reinoehl moved a short distance, before stopping and exiting his vehicle, according to the source.

Thurston County Sheriff’s Lt. Ray Brady said the suspect, identified by sources as Reinoehl, said officers initially shot at the vehicle in an attempt to stop him. Federal agents had “attempted to peacefully arrest him,” different sources told Fox News.

As Reinoehl fled on foot, he allegedly pulled out a gun, Brady said in a press release. Officers then shot at and struck Reinoehl, who was pronounced dead at the scene.Two witnesses told The Olympian they saw two sports utility vehicles pull up to a man, believed to be Reinoehl, who was inside a car. The man then opened fire using what the witnesses said appeared to be an assault rifle, according to reports.

The witnesses told The Olympian they heard roughly 40 to 50 shots being fired before officers shot back.”

Police recovered a handgun, although the witnesses initially thought it was a rifle. (We have no idea how that mistake could have been made.) AG William Barr released a statement on the shooting of Michael Reinoehl that read in part:

“The streets of our cities are safer with this violent agitator removed, and the actions that led to his location are an unmistakable demonstration that the United States will be governed by law, not violent mobs.” AG Barr

Here in a Facebook video via Jashon Spencer is the immediate aftermath of the shooting of Reinoehl:
Featured photo: Screenshot of Reinoehl down from video of Jashon Spencer


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  • Ken

    What do you call a dead antifa douche?..
    A GOOD START !!!!!

  • Bob p

    Excellent work officers! One more scumbag off the streets

  • JC

    Even though it was a guy who we didn’t agree, it was still a life and may when he meet his maker he be judged, just like the rest of us. Unfortunately this world needs to clean its act up on all spectrums of life. This can’t continue. I back the blues ?, just want people to get their heads on a more humane level.

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