Antifa Evolving in Portland – Now Using Ruse Protests

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Portland, Oregon – Antifa posted a fake “protest” for the “Trans Day of Remembrance,” or “Trans Day of Rage” depending on what faction of Antifa or Black Lives Matter you talk to. Then groups of them descended into Portland to damage about 27  businesses, including two banks, the Mexican consulate, and the new courthouse. Is Antifa evolving with new tactics?

“Antifa organized two separate mini-riots tonight. One was publicly announced for downtown. It was meant as a decoy to fool police. There was another unadvertised one for vandalizing businesses along NE Sandy. @PortlandPolice didn’t stop either one. #PortlandRiots #antifa.” Andy Ngo

antifa evolving

Griffin Oliver Malone is an Antifa videographer.

Is Antifa evolving?

Chief Chuck Lovell tweeted on 11-21-2020:

Last night two groups caused brazen and senseless destruction in our city. The 1st vandalized the Mexican Consulate downtown, as well as the new county courthouse. The 2nd caused a swath of destruction along NE Sandy Blvd. This included local restaurants and a food cart, a labor and staffing company, paint store, antique store, and theater. These vandals terrorized workers that were inside as the mob shattered large windows, and hurt businesses that are already struggling right now. This is not protest. This is not speech. This is criminal activity. We are investigating and encourage anyone with information about who is responsible to e-mail

There were no arrests because the perpetrators dispersed prior to police arrival. Convenient. Antifa is “evolving” in their tactics…and that’s not a good thing, especially in a city where the County District Attorney refuses to hold any of them accountable.

Chase Bank and One Main Bank were both damaged, as was Whole Foods and other, smaller businesses. A total of 27 businesses were damaged.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell reported for the Post Millennial:

“One direct action was publicly announced earlier in the week for the south Park Blocks in downtown—meant as a decoy to divert law enforcement resources. The downtown group of around 30 in black bloc marched to the Mexican Consulate where they spray-painted the building with graffiti before vandalizing the new Multnomah County Courthouse. Officers responded to the scene and the rioters dispersed. No arrests were made…

…Antifa spray-painted “ACAB,” “Black Trans Lives Matter” and “Tete Gulley” in their path of destruction. Otis Michael “TeTe” Gulley Jr. was a black trans woman who was found hanged in May 2019 at a Portland park. The Oregon State Medical Examiner performed an autopsy and ruled Gulley’s death a suicide. Portland Police’s investigation supported the Medical Examiner’s finding but far-left activists in Portland have maintained without evidence that Gulley was “lynched” for being black and trans. Gulley’s family refers to him using male pronouns and described him as someone who wore drag, rather than being transsexual.”

Otis Michael “TeTe” Gulley Jr. committed suicide in 2019 according to the Medical Examiner. The “Trans Day of Rage” used his death as an excuse to riot.

The Problem with Antifa evolving is that police resrouces are then tied up for one “event” while the rioters destroy their way through other areas.  The Portland Police Bureau is extremely short-staffed due to defunding efforts.


Featured photo: Screenshot of damage to Whole Foods via journalist Shane Murphy


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