Antifa ‘Commander Red’ Cried When Arrested With Flame Thrower

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Green Bay, Wisconsin –  An Antifa member known as Commander Red (Matthew Banta, 23) was arrested by Green Bay Police when he arrived at a “protest” with a flamethrower, fireworks, and ‘military’ smoke grenades. When police arrested him, he curled up in a fetal position and cried. Antifa tough guy.

Green Bay Police responded to a report of “a whole bunch of white people with sticks, baseball bats and helmets headed… towards the police.” Commander Red was among them.

“I don’t know who comes to a protest with a baseball bat for anything other than criminal or illegal activity.” Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith

According to Drew Hernandez, a journalist who has followed Antifa for years, they do not appear to keep their leaders the same for each event – they are switched out each time. Commander Red should probably be switched out permanently. Just sayin’.

WBAY reported,

A responding officer says he saw four individuals walking towards a protest with baseball bats. One man was wearing a metal helmet with goggles and military-style gear with multiple pouches, and was carrying an Antifa flag. When the officer pulled his squad car in front of the group, they ran away. The officer caught Banta, who was carrying the flag, and says Banta “dropped into the fetal position and began crying.” He accused the officer of lying on him; the officer replied nobody was on him.

Banta acknowledged he was headed to the Green Bay protest but denied he was planning to incite a riot…

…Three others were caught trying to get into a house on Walnut Street. The person inside wouldn’t let them in and told officers they didn’t know who the people were. The three dropped what was in their hands. One told an officer they were bringing them to the protest for self-defense.

In Waupaca County, Banta was arrested on August 1 for 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering, Use of a Dangerous Weapon (Point a loaded firearm at an officer), Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer, Use of a Dangerous Weapon (Biting an officer), Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer (Kicking an officer), Resisting an Officer- Use of a Dangerous Weapon, Disorderly Conduct- Use of a Dangerous Weapon. He bonded out on a 10,000 bond. A condition of his bail was not to possess a weapon.

Banta went to Green Bay on August 29 with a flame thrower, smoke grenades, fireworks. Those aren’t dangerous weapons, right? (sarcasm). His bond was set at $2,500 in Brown County for charges of obstructing an officer and two counts of felony bail jumping. They should have disallowed bail totally just to see if he’d cry again.

Green Bay police made 15 arrests the night of the riot.

Antifa is a dangerous organization, and yes they are organized. They communicate with one another during riots to receive directions. But when their leadership is a cry baby like Commander Red… perhaps they should rethink this whole revolution idea.


Featured photo: Waupaca County mug shot of Matthew Banta


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