Antifa + Black Lives Matter + Patriot Prayer + Proud Boys =Violence in Portland

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An October 6 incident in which a vehicle belonging to a 74 year old man was vandalized by Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters was the catalyst for a march by Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys. And, of course, because the groups have fought before, it devolved into violence on Saturday night.

Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys had billed their “protest” as the “Flash March for Law and Order in PDX.” They gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square at 6pm on Saturday. The opposition knew they were coming. It became a street brawl.

The backdrop for the violence

The October 6 situation saw Portland police standing down in spite of the vandalism and protesters snarling up traffic.

Washington Times reported:

The video posted by journalist Andy C. Ngo showed protesters, including members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, blocking an intersection and attempting to direct traffic at while officers on motorcycle watched from a block away.

At one point, the activists chased down 74-year-old Kent Houser after he made a right turn against their wishes, pounding on his silver Lexus and breaking a window. The car sustained thousands of dollars in damage, he told the Oregonian…

…The mayor has been accused of taking a kid-gloves approach to the protests that routinely roil the liberal enclave, such as the summer occupation of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building, which saw Portland police refuse to assist unless federal officers were in physical danger.”

So naturally when he came under fire, the Mayor put it back on the shoulders of the police.

Saturday October 12

The major problem with the Mayor’s view is that when you don’t intervene, these anarchists think they have the mandate to take over. Consequently, Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys  staged a demonstration for getting rid of the Mayor and to have a “Flash March for law and order” in Oregon’s largest city.

As usual in Portland these days, both sides came armed with pepper spray, batons, and ready to have fist fights at the drop of a hat. And they did.

Fox reported,

Police fired pepper balls and other non-lethal impact munitions to break up the brawls and there were no immediate reports of arrests. Earlier in the evening, police reported seeing participants from both groups with hard-knuckle gloves, knives and firearms.

No weapons were reported seized. Authorities said four people received medical attention, but it was not known if any were taken to a hospital.

It has been apparent for a couple of years now that “peaceful protest” in Portland is nonexistent.


Featured photo Screenshot via Twitter as police attempt to quell the brawl.



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