Antifa Activist Charlie Landeros Shot to Death in Eugene, OR

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On January 11, Antifa activist Charlie Landeros pulled a gun on police officers at Cascade Middle School in Eugene, Oregon. Police fatally shot him. The DA’s office ruled the shooting justified. He had posted violent anti-government messages on social media.

Landeros was in a custody battle over the daughter. He enrolled his daughter in the Cascade Middle School without his ex-wife’s permission, which violated the provisions of the order. She brought custody paperwork to the school, and school administrators call the School Resource Officer, Steve Timm. Officer Timm went over the paperwork with Landero’s ex-wife prior to the incident. Timm then called officer Aaron Johns.

Officers confronted Landeros when he went to pick up his daughter on January 11, and advised him of that provision in the custody paperwork. He refused to leave the school, so they escorted him outside, where a struggle ensued.

They pushed Landeros up against the wall in order to arrest him, but during the struggle, he pulled out a 9mm gun and fired two rounds at Officer Timm, who then shot him in the head.  The unfortunate thing was that Landeros’ daughter reportedly saw it.

Landeros had 20 rounds in his 9mm, not including the one in the chamber, as well as another loaded magazine in his gun belt. His backpack contained more magazines full of ammunition.

Police released body cam footage of the incident:

Violent Post 

KMTR reported,

On January 9, two days before the deadly shooting outside the school, police in nearby Springfield received a screenshot of a Facebook comment on a story about a man shot and killed by police in Portland.

A comment posted by “Charlie Landeros” read, “Time to start killing pigs,” investigators wrote.

Then on the morning of January 11 – about an hour before the incident at Cascade Middle School – someone alerted the manager of Springfield Police Facebook page that someone named “Charlie Landeros” had commented “Death to all pigs” on a post on the department Facebook page about a California police officer shot and killed while investigating a traffic crash.

Armed Antifa Group

Landeros was a member of an armed Antifa group, and was actively training them, according to the Truth About Guns. The family has hired Civil Liberties attorneys to “do an independent investigation” and potentially file a lawsuit. They believe his ethnicity had something to do with his death.  In point of fact, shooting at a police officer sealed his fate.

The District Attorney says that this was a classic case of justified shooting. The body cam footage is clear: he pulled a gun and shot first at police. Police returned fire, taking the danger out.

Please be aware that Landeros was an Army veteran and served six years as a helicopter mechanic and crew chief, according to Daily Mail.  KVAL reported a protest in which he stated he used the GI bill to enroll in college when he returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.

A radical leftist in the military is not a comforting thought.

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  • Mark

    I have sympathy for the daughter, especially if she witnessed her dub ass dad being shot and killed but no sympathy for him. Play stupid games, wi stupid prizes.

  • Vicente

    Was he wrong to pull a gun or to even bring it on school premises, yes. How many rounds did he have in the mag 13/16/20 doesn’t matter you can swap a mag out in a second, he had more mags. Were the cops wrong by shooting him, no they had every right to defend themselves and everybody else around them plus it’s our job. My question is why is there no audio when they are talking to him in the building, and from the video it looks like he was already walking to the door when the officer grabbed him by the arm and was forcing him out? I’m not against cops or with any group just wanted a better understanding. My condolences to his daughter.

    • Heather Hennessee

      I concur with Vincent.
      1) why didn’t the concerned mother address things before or after school? Or even with the daughter?
      2) Where is the sound? And why continue to harass the father as he turns to leave?
      He was called to the school. .he was confused as to who Tim was and what his jurisdiction encompassed.
      Granted I personally do not think a fun, licensed or not, along with extra clips should of been on person at a middle school.
      3) the main question. Why was he being arrested? Was that clear to the father? He was on his way out. ..Ands was hounded down by bullies.

      This was a family issue. The mother never should of handled it during school hours. The chops never should of continued pestering him. The father never should of brought guns to the school. But the father was called there, then confronted by an “officer”. It appears US citizens are not allowed to question anyone saying they have legal authority. He was then asked to leave, startled by seeing his daughter and manhandled after he left by men that he was not sure were cops.
      This whole thing is disgusting and I pray for the little girl. Good job mom

      • James

        1) Likely because this “father” enrolled the daughter in another school under mama’s nose.
        2) Sound does not immediately follow once a body camera is turned on, it kicks in a few seconds later
        3) He was being arrested because he was trespassing at that point. He was clearly agitated already- your talking about a domestic dispute which is often one of the most dangerous, and his body language made me nervous so I can only imagine it being more concerning to the officers that were there! And he didn’t turn to leave he turned to go toward his daughter. But the nail in his coffin is him drawing a weapon on the police. And you want to sit here and blame the mother and the police??! THAT is what is disgusting. Shame on you Heather.

    • Celia Irby

      There was audio on one link even though he was walking to the door he started cussing the officer and saying he wasn’t going and they had no control over what he did. the office grabbed him pushed him out the door and told him he was under arrest. What would have saved him? If he didn’t resist, put his hand up and on the wall and said “I HAVE A GUN”! The officer would have secured the weapon, and his backpack, and anything necessary to ensure the safety of all involved.

  • Leon T Lowe,2nd

    I am not against guns, just people who are radical in thier use of guns. Was he wrong to bring a loaded weapon on shool property, yes.Were the police justified in shooting back,yes.As afore mentioned he did make ablazing post had a loaded weapon in his back plus enough ammo to instigate a rather huge mortality count. I pity his remaining Family and his poor Daughter, but he got dumb, then he got dead from his own misguided intentions. He fired off two shots as it was reported. Imagine if there were children, let alone other parents in the immediate vicinity? Why is it then people are always first to say Police brutality. They are to”Protect and Serve”the communities they work and Live in.Just an Obervation, and an opinion. Please dont ridicule me or any who have such opinions or observations we all live in these communities and or ones like it.

  • Tiff

    They blew his face off, he gets what he deserves. Why did he take a fun in a school with all those bullets if he didn’t intend to use them. Those officers stopped a murderer… He was gonna kill those kids or as many as he could and officers too..

  • steven
  • Matt

    Hearher Hennessey, you are an ignorant twat.


  • James

    Based on his eye movement as he starts to walk away from the cops, I believe his daughter had come into his view. He was heading toward her but they pushed him out the door. You can actually hear the daughter call out “dad” right before the head shot. I feel bad for those girls, but in the end I think their lives would have been so much worse off having that SOB exist as Antifa, or even worse use all those rounds he had brought with him.

  • Verne Edwin Brewer

    Antifa IS a terrorist group. Start treating these mentally deformed piss ants as such! Good job Police!

  • Ruth

    play stupid games win stupid prizes!!!

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