Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters and Ties to George Soros

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A gaggle of far left activists accosted Georgia Senator David Perdue and his wife at Reagan Airport on Monday. They kept shouting him down, even as he stopped off at the men’s room. He was NOT happy. But the protesters are being paid – so it’s not technically a real “protest” now is it? Especially when they are tied to George Soros.

“This is America, but these are the tactics of the Brownshirts in Germany in the 1930s. Unacceptable. Totally irresponsible.”Senator David Perdue, (R-GA)

Understatement, Senator. He also took to the Senate floor to respond:

“I’m very troubled today by the extreme measures that we see being made right now about a case that my colleagues across the aisle are trying to make today, I’m outraged actually. After a personal incident that involved my wife and myself this week, we have seen firsthand the length to which members of the other side of this aisle will go to distract us away from the truth…

“I believe my Democratic colleagues have gone one tick too far this time. When paid activists who support you attack my wife, you have gone too far. The American people will know that on both sides … You are inciting this disrespect of our law.”

As the women harassed him to answer them it was learned that they were connected to George Soros. A George Soros funded campaign.

The Daily Caller reported,

 “Be A Hero’” is a campaign launched from the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) to incentivize Americans to vote for progressive Democrats during the November midterm elections. The Open Society Foundation, which was founded and funded by George Soros, is one of CPD’s largest funders, giving millions to the organization over the past few years.

The Hill reported on those who accosted Senator Perdue:

“The Cut identified the two sexual assault survivors as Patti Serrano and Jennifer Epps-Addison, who are both affiliated with the advocacy group Center for Popular Democracy. 

The other woman in the video introduces herself as Arizona state Rep. Isela Blanc (D). Blanc, a vocal activist, was arrested over the summer for protesting President Trump‘s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.”

Paid protesters. Paid by none other than an organization funded by George Soros. If they are “paid to protest” it’s not really a protest. If they are paid to be there, it’s not free speech, either. It’s harassment of a public official.

And Senator Perdue isn’t the only Republican Senator who has been accosted by the left wing radicals:

Jeff Flake was accosted in the elevator just after saying he would vote for Kavanaugh, and that’s how we ended up with the vote being delayed. A little backbone would have been nice.

Senator Bob Corker has also been harassed.

Senator Mitch McConnell was not happy when he also was accosted at Reagan Airport and he reemed the Democrats about it:

“One of our colleagues and his family were effectively run out of a restaurant in recent days by these people. Another reported having protesters physically block his car door, and some have seen organized far left protesters camp out at their homes…

“…I’m not suggesting we’re the victims here … but I want to make it clear to these people who are chasing my members around the hall here or harassing them at the airport or going to their homes. We will not be intimidated by these people…

“…There’s no chance in the world they’re going to scare us out of doing our duty. I don’t care how many members they chase, how many people they harass here in the halls, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: We will not be intimidated by these people.” 

There have been many other Senators doxxed and attacked. The Senate Judiciary Committee has been assigned extra security due to threats. Even the RINOs are p****d. Which is a good thing, frankly. Maybe Republicans can stand together for a change?


Featured photo: George Soros- Read about his involvement at LifeNews


    All the heckling can’t hide the takeover of JFK’s party. It is a fact that the Left has been wedded to academia, and their Pravda acolytes in the “news” industry. Exposed as no allies of the common man, instead mobs of basement dwelling rich kids concentrate on publicly demeaning anyone they disagree with. There will be a line crossed. Some of the less gentrified persons they target will react, as in with force, when one’s wife or children are threatened.

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