Andy Ngo, Independent Reporter Robbed, Beaten by Portland Antifa

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Andy Ngo is an independent reporter/editor for The Quillette, a small news media in the Portland area. On Saturday, he was attacked, robbed, and beaten by a mob of Antifa goons. You know, the ones that leftist Chris Cuomo on CNN says have a great “cause.” Ngo has been one of the few voices covering the Antifa anarchists with a huge measure of common sense. On June 29, he ended up at the ER.

Ngo’s Go-Pro camera was stolen, his earlobe torn, and face battered. Though he has often been the target of the Antifa anarchists, this incident was more severe. Police didn’t intervene, and only spoke to him AFTER he’d been beaten.

“Where were you guys?” Andy Ngo to the police

In some of the videos, you can see that Ngo was slightly disoriented after the incident as police interviewed him. He said he was hit in the back of the head as well. As we have previously reported, the Portland mayor wants his police force to stand down during these protests.

In this particular protest, Antifa threw “milkshakes” at people that were actually made of quick-drying cement.

You can report it until the cows come home, but they will do nothing because of the left-wing cowards in charge of the city of Portland. They have turned their police force into watchers of crime rather than crime fighters.

Conservative speaker Michelle Malkin started a GoFundMe to help Andy Ngo after his ordeal.

Andy has been accused of causing the Antifa violence, and lefties have even gone so far as to say that he “deserved” the beatdown and robbery. Why? Because of “fear mongering…which we’ve never seen. He simply tells the truth, something Mr. Ismail and his cohorts rarely do.

The hate levelled against Andy Ngo tells us one thing: he’s solid. He didn’t deserve to be beaten, nor have his camera equipment stolen. He’ll likely never get that equipment back because Portland is too politically left wing to do so. Wouldn’t want to accuse those masked, violent, nasty anarchists of theft, would they?

Featured photo: screenshot via Andy Ngo Twitter account

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