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Jason Wilcox and Joshua Dewell are both partners in an endeavor called AndroCorp Industries. The Greek word “Andros” means – a strong (masculine) male. [Those are the best kind. Sorry, Gillette.]  Jason and Joshua are working to make their 5 year old business a company of excellence in Florida.

AndroCorp Industries makes AR platform weapons and AR parts in Central Florida. But their pride and joy is the short barreled AR pistol. In fact, they are the only company that offers a warrantied 5 inch 5.56 AR pistol. They do not change the base of the AR platform on their weapons. They have had amazing success with their array of products, all of which are warrantied and delivered more speedily than most manufacturers of custom weapons.

Take a look at some of their custom beauties:


Are your juices flowing? D- all of the above in assorted colors? Is it my birthday yet (hint)?

Jason Wilcox began working with Shoot Straight, a shooting company in Florida that has 8 stores across the state. They train shooters, sell firearms, and is the largest retailer of guns in Florida. He worked there for 4 years in both tactical training and retail. Shoot Straight now carries AndroCorp Industries products.

In 2007 Jason began selling for, buying and selling parts. His business partner, Joshua, worked for an AR manufacturing company, and that’s when they met and decided to start a business.

The partnership of the two men is a testimony in excellence. They sell the most AR pistols of any manufacturer in Florida, and create their custom ARs for customers around the country. They had to get their FFL variance and that took some some. But they’ve been in business now for 5 years.

Jason told us he enjoys our own Rick Ferran because he has taken it upon himself to learn more about firearms, and he has no “filters.” It’s all about the message. He told us he has a tremendous amount of respect for “Tank.” We like him too!

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