Andrew Cuomo Proposes Mental Health Database

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Andrew Cuomo proposes a mental health database. The New York Governor doesn’t just want outlawing of “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” or “universal background checks,” and “red flag laws”… he wants something that would guarantee people would not seek help.

If your mother or father died, and you just wanted someone to talk to…you could end up in the database. Gun owners are already leery of the government, so placing them in a database and stigmatizing them further just won’t cut it.

Of course that’s not the only part of his proposals. Andrew Cuomo proposes things that pass the egregious mark and fall into sheer hatred of gun owning, law-abiding citizens.

It’s pretty late in the game to outlaw “assault weapons” when there’s millions of them in this nation and no police officer in his or her right mind would want to go door to door to confiscate them. That would be a suicide mission. (Pay attention, Kamala Harris who thinks they’d do it just because she told them to).

Folks on Twitter took issue with Andrew Cuomo’s proposals:

@PC_Bloke wrote: So: 1) Criminalize people for owning things that you think are scary. 2) Violate medical privacy; stopping those needing help from seeking it. 3) Criminalize those going through a hard time from giving their guns to a friend for safe keeping. 4) Surprise raids on innocent people.

@Four4thefire noted: Here is my pledge: you can take your “mental health data base” and all the stigma, damage, and criminalization of innocent people that will come with, enforced it with the full force and utter incompetence of the federal government, and go straight to hell.

@nfb11 wrote: Terrifying Nazi Bullshit right there! You know the Nazis rounded up the disabled first, right Cuomo?! WTAF!!!???

@Jesin00 wrote: The shooters had no mental illnesses, just sick ideologies. Creating a “mental health database” would do nothing to solve the problem & would make it easier for people to discriminate against an already-stigmatized group.

@DavidKlion wrote: You suck dude. Fix the fucking subways instead of creating Nazi databases

@ZeevKidron said it best: Regarding point 2: There might be an app all ready to deploy. Ask your friends in Russia for help. The USSR did it, and did it well.

So the bottom line is, NO to all of the governor’s proposals. For those of us listening to our President and GOP who promised not to mess with the 2A, and are now messing with the 2A, we say NO to them as well.

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