Anarchists Promise Inauguration Disruption – Bikers for Trump to Ride

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According to an article in Clash Daily, the call for anarchists and protesters to disrupt and cause violence at the Inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20 has gone out across social media. Security will need to be extremely tight at the event. But there is a silver lining in that cloud..the Bikers for Trump are planning to ride once again to do what they can to stop the disruption.

The anarchists

Anon Central has 133,000 followers. He claims to be art of the main Anonymous group. Some don’t care for his stand.

Gregory Stevens is an associate pastor of First Baptist Church in Palo Alto, California. He has 852 followers. Why he would want to disrupt the Inauguration is beyond my comprehension. It’s not “Christian” in any shape or form.

Dylan Petrohilos has 1,261 followers and I’d class him as dangerous. He considers himself ultra-left. As in ULTRA and wants to abolish the Electoral College. He is an “ultra” hater.

“Stimulator” has 10,600 followers, and claims to be “putting the reason in treason since 2006.”

The encouraging thing is that likely most of these yahoos are armchair quarterbacks, and keyboard warriors who wouldn’t leave their “Safe Spaces” if they were forced out.

Neither Hillary nor Obama have said anything to stop these protesters. In fact, both encouraged them to “fight on.” It’s a cult, complete with poisoned Kool-Aid.

The bikers are coming! The bikers are coming!

Bikers for Trump staged in Cleveland during the RNC, and violence was at a low ebb when predictions were the opposite. They are on Facebook and also have a website. They plan to be part of the Inauguration and if I were the leftists, I’d stay home that day.screenshot-2016-11-20-08-56-05



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