Anarchists Greet G20 Summit In Hamburg, Germany

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As world leaders arrived in Hamburg, Germany for the 2017 G20 Summit, protests that had been organized and well funded erupted in violence on Thursday night. The Summit is supposed to begin on Friday- Germany is several hours ahead of the US.

The protest was called #WelcomeToHell.  Some news media reported that it was “cancelled” after participants clashed with police, threw smoke bombs and fireworks, bottles and rocks, set fire to cars, and carried some formidable weapons in an attempt to destroy the power of the leaders. It’s what anarchists do for a living.

By later in the evening, the groups began to settle down, but not until after property damage, injured people, and chaos. There were reports of 59 injured police officers.


The pilots of a police helicopter were blinded by a laser pointed and ended up with eye injuries.


Protester carrying a grappling hook

Cars going into the G20 Summit area (which starts on July 7) were monitored and some searched. Police used water cannons to disperse the crowds, with some German media calling it a “premature dispersal.”

Antifa was there. Police asked those wearing black hoods to remove them – if they didn’t they were separated. The police said there were 8,000, not 18,000.

g20 summit

This “demonstration” was well planned by leftist/anarchist groups. Protests happen every time the G20 meet. When “globalists” get together, the “globalist left” is always there. Even New York Mayor De Blasio rushed to get to Germany to participate in the protests. He skipped an important swearing in ceremony for NYPD just one day after one of their officers was murdered so he could participate in a protest against Trump and other world leaders. At least that helps people understand where his priorities lie- and it’s not with the people of his city.




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