Anarchist Posts Firefighter Killed in the Line of Duty was a “Parasite”, then Pulls Knife on Reporter

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Levittown, Pennsylvania – When Jeremy Henggeler, 40, posted on Facebook April 27, he called firefighters (and actually anyone who was employed by the state) “parasites.” The post garnered over 2,900 comments, mostly negative ones. But the incident didn’t stop there…then he pulled a knife on a reporter who came to his house to get his side of the story.

On April 27, a funeral procession for firefighter William Tolley apparently blocked Henggeler’s way, leaving him stuck in traffic for an hour. The idea of being stuck at a funeral procession for someone who worked for the government made him angry. He is the owner of “Jay’s Sit and Stay” – a dog business.

“Stuck in traffic for over an hour, with no escape options, all because some agent of the State died. F***ing parasites.”

We noted many of his posts disappeared as we began to look at them, and he changed his Facebook profile picture since the incident (not for the better, actually), about two weeks ago.

FDNY Firefighter William Tolley, 49, died in a fire in Queens on April 20. He was married, with an 8 year old daughter. His death was a bigger inconvenience to his loved ones, to his brothers and sisters in the Fire Department, than the procession was to the jackwagon who posted the note on Facebook.

Making it worse

A reporter from News 12, Virginia Huie, went to obtain Henggeler’s side of the story. She went to his door, but he didn’t answer. When she heard him in the garage, she walked around and asked him for an interview. The garage door was open and the camera was rolling.

Instead of a simple “no”…he pulled out a knife and threatened her and her crew with it and told them to leave. Brilliant.


The knife used to threaten News 12 Reporter

The News 12 crew left, and called the police. Henggeler was arrested for menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

Henggeler fancies himself an anarchist, and even wears an Antifa t-shirt. He belongs to several groups: Anarchy Action, Anarchy Roundtable, Anarchist Media Sharing Project, Anarchists on Youtube, Anarchist Philosophies, Sovereign Individuals, and one called Individual Sovereignty.

Not recommending his “Sit and Stay” business for your dog.

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