Anak Krakatau Volcano Landslide – Tsunami Strikes Indonesia

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Scientists worried years ago that Anak Krakatau – “Child of Krakatoa” would cause massive deaths if it awakened and a landslide occurred. It began erupting in June of 2018. On December 22, a landslide from its crater caused a massive tsunami that struck Indonesia, killing at least 222. The death toll is expected to rise. Over 800 people were injured, and 28 are still missing.

This video from a performance at Tanjung Lesung beach shows you what happened:

Read more about the band at Fox.

Why were the people of Indonesia unaware, aren’t there tsunami warning systems?
Because most tsunamis begin from earthquakes. This one, as had been predicted for decades, was caused by a landslide from Anak Krakatau. The landslide in the ocean pushed the water away from the island, causing a  tsunami.

The original eruption of Krakatoa occurred in August of 1883. It reportedly killed 36,000 people, many from the resulting tsunamis when its crater collapsed into the sea. The plume of ash and sulfur dioxide was said to have caused temperatures to drop worldwide. The sound of the eruption reportedly ruptured the eardrums of people 40 miles away. When it was over, most thought it was over for good. They were wrong.

1888 Lithograph of the original Krakatoa eruption- public domain

LiveScience reported,

In 1927, some Javanese fishermen were startled as a column of steam and debris began spewing from the collapsed caldera. Krakatoa had awakened after 44 years of calm. Within weeks, the rim of a new cone appeared above sea level. Within a year, it grew into a small island, which was named Anak Krakatoa, or Child of Krakatoa. Anak Krakatoa has continued to erupt periodically, although mildly and with little danger to the surrounding islands.

Little danger until December 22, 2018. The volcanic activity increased about 24 minutes before the tsunami struck. There was no warning.

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