Amish PAC – Trading Horses for Cars on Election Day

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The Amish folks of Pennsylvania and Ohio have a preferred method of transportation: horse and buggy. Generally they renounce the things of the world like cars. Except this election day…the Amish PAC issued a call for help to have 20 people with cars help take them to the polls today. They got 1500 volunteers.


“Amish PAC needs volunteers to help drive Amish voters to the polls in Pennsylvania. In addition, if you have any Amish friends or neighbors and would like to give them a ride to the polls on Election Day, Amish PAC will provide you with a prepaid gas card until we run out.” Amish PAC

The Amish have been solidly behind Donald Trump in this election cycle, because of his strong family ties. They don’t seem to care about his language or his past. They have put up billboards, and taken out ads in local newspapers with just a modest $100,000 effort.

The people have attended Trump rallies across the region. They believe that if even 5% more Amish voters place their votes for Trump, they can help swing the states away from Hillary Clinton.

amish pac

photo from Amish PAC website

There are reportedly at least 60,000 Amish adherents in each state of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“I wanted to let you know that Amish PAC has 200 (non-Amish) volunteers scheduled to door-knock every single Amish registered voter in Pennsylvania’s Amish country (Lancaster) tomorrow and offer rides to polling places. That has never been done before.” Ben Walters, Amish PAC

The “get-out-the-vote” plan has never been done before, particularly asking for cars. They may not be connected up to modern lifestyles, and don’t receive any government money, but they instinctively know that this election is pivotal to the nation’s future. The Amish vote in both Pennsylvania and Ohio could be the difference.

“These two states being the most important, crucial swing states. … We realize that a couple thousand votes could truly make a difference, especially if we have a situation like we did in 2000 where it comes down to a few polling places in one swing state. The Amish could, in theory, swing the presidential election of 2016.” Ben Walters

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