American Millennials- Lack of Knowledge About the Holocaust

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Yesterday was the Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day. But while they held marches and memorials across Israel and other countries to remember the deaths of 6 million of their families, the generation we call “millennials” have little knowledge about it. America has failed to teach history properly- they are too busy teaching children how to be social justice warriors.


Yesterday, April 12,  Israel’s air raid sirens sounded at 10 am local time (AEST 5PM). Traffic came to a halt and drivers got out to observe a two-minute silence. The entire Jewish nation took a moment to remember and contemplate the Holocaust. For them it was real, as their own family members were brutally murdered at the hands of the Nazi death machine. A people, an  culture was nearly exterminated, and our own kids don’t understand, thanks to left wing instructors who could care less.

CBS reported that a study commissioned by The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany in February found that 11% of US adults weren’t sure they’d ever heard of the Holocaust. Forty one percent of Millennials thought that “only 2 million” or so Jews were murdered in WWII (it was 6 million). Fully two-thirds of them had no idea what Auschwitz was. They have not been taught true history.

The people who commissioned the study said there were “critical gaps” in the history being taught in America. That is an understatement.

If all you have ever heard is the view that America is bad, without seeing what the alternatives did, then you have no knowledge with which to make rational thoughts.

The “Social Justice Warriors” throw words like “Nazis” around with glee, but have no real concept of what really happened. They wear Che Guevara t-shirts without the knowledge of who he really was.

Here’s an example from the personal experience of a survivor of Cuban Communism:

What will happen when all of the survivors of the Nazi death camps are gone and can no longer share their stories? What will happen when the survivors of totalitarianism are shuffled into the memories of only a few? The world will forget, life will be about you-owe-me sentiments, and the truth will fade away completely. We’re very close to that right now.

Our WWII military generation is nearly gone, and with them, the sights and sounds of the prisoners grasping for help, the horrific piles of bodies that liberators of the death camps saw with their own eyes.  Will the Holocaust be  #NeverAgain?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana 1853-1952

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