American Flag Mural Damaged by Graffiti, Two Cops and a Teenager Repair It

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Phoenix, Arizona – On September 12, 2001, Laura Giacoppo, her son, and a friend painted an American Flag mural on one side of the wall by her house on Cactus Road. There it stood for 18 years, through new owners and a neighborhood that enjoyed it as a remembrance to those who died on 9-11. Until June 25,2019, when it was defaced by anti-Trump graffiti.

“F**k Trump! and F**k ICE! were written across the face of the mural.

“I was completely shocked because to me the American flag just represents pride in our country. All politics aside, I don’t look at this from a political perspective.” Ryne Bolick, 17, to Arizona Republic

The current owner of the house, Mini Hanna, told the newspaper she was devastated when she saw that it had been defaced.

“It’s really sad for me. It’s the state of our union right now and it’s extremely upsetting.” Mini Hanna

As the temperature in Phoenix climbed to 105 degrees, neighbor Marcy Bobbit saw two police officers and one young boy out in the heat, repainting the mural.

Phoenix Police Officer Mario Lozoya and Phoenix Police Sergeant Matt Morgan, along with Officer Lozoya’s son, painted over the graffiti.

“I was touched that they would be standing out there in 105-degree weather painting this flag,” Bobbitt said.

Hanna said she was “elated” to see the people repainting the mural on her wall.

“I respect them so much. I respect law and order, and I was very touched,” she said. “I think what I’m most pleased with is that young man. He showed such a great sense of citizenship and integrity to do that with his dad.”

Blue Lives Matter

“The flag is much more than a painting or a piece of cloth. It’s a symbol for what the United States of America stands for.” Marcy Bobbitt

Thank you, Marcy. That is spot on.

Featured photo by Marcy Bobbitt, via Arizona Republic

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