American Comeback – How Trump Changed a Life

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William Campudoni had nothing, he was ‘nobody’…just another poor Puerto Rican from Spanish Harlem. He was on the edge of despair. Until Donald Trump gave him a leg up in life. He’s an American Comeback story.

“My dresser was my crib. I was a victim of abuse in my own hometown … in the streets. At the age of 22, I was at the brink of being homeless. I remember one night on Christmas Eve, I walked into the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and I said, ‘God, please give me a purpose.’ As I exited, I walked down 5th Ave., and there was this gorgeous building.”


That “gorgeous building” was Trump Tower. He walked inside and simply said, I’m looking for work.”

“The next day, Trump hired me off the streets. He gave me five navy blue suits. He shook my hand and said, ‘Welcome to the family.’”

The story of this young man being accepted by a billionaire is touching. Donald J. Trump is not the monster created by the mainstream media. He is compassionate, and he gives people chances.

For William Campudoni, that chance was the difference between homelessness and a real job. He was hired as security.

One day, Campudoni apprehended a thief who had smashed  the display window at Tiffany’s across the street from Trump Tower. His work did not go unnoticed by Tiffany’s and their letter to  Donald Trump produced this letter from the man himself:


“He once gave me a personal letter … expressing just how proud he was of me. Later in life, pursuing my career, I got knocked out, in real life. … I lost my way. Later, I also lost my wife to cancer, leaving me a single parent of two children, striving to be a role model. I suffered three heart-attacks, one stroke, and I was once pronounced dead in the ring. You know, Trump wouldn’t know this … but along with a few mementos in life, this letter was the one that gave me the most inspiration. These words, they have been a constant reminder of how much I have been appreciated.”

american comeback

William Campudoni as a young fighter – Screenshot

Campudoni remembers the kindness of Donald Trump. In his darkest hours, the words of Trump helped him through.


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