America Remembers September 11, 2001

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America remembers September 11, 2001 with varying degrees of heartache. Families that lost loved ones on that fateful day still experience the anguish of loss. Unconcerned others make light of the horrors by dismissing the deaths as “somethings.” Young people who were not born yet must rely on the knowledge of adults to understand the day that America held its breath. It was the day that war was unleashed upon the earth.


America remembers September 11, 2001 eighteen years later with somber ceremonies, moments of silence, flags, pictures, and articles. President Trump addressed such a ceremony at the Pentagon, as Vice President Pence addressed a similar ceremony on Capitol Hill. Trump’s words spoke of the simultaneous anger and grief of a nation.

“If anyone dares to strike our land, we will respond with the full measure of American power and the iron will of the American spirit and that spirit is unbreakable…

…For the families who join us, this is your anniversary of personal and permanent loss. It’s the day that has replayed in your memory a thousand times over. The last kiss. The last phone call. The last time hearing those precious words, ‘I love you.’

President Trump reported by Review Journal

Those of us who watched in horror as television recorded them striking the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania, will never forget it until the day we die. It was extremely difficult to work that day. Police calls had to be handled. Paperwork had to be completed.

The thought of New York and DC first responders dying under a mass of rubble brought tears to the eyes of grown adults. No one knew then of the ones who would die horrifying deaths from cancers years later for their efforts to rescue others.

Islamic terrorists unleashed war upon the earth on 9-11-2001. That war continues today, but America has grown weary, and the resolve with which we once fought fades from America’s memory. We did not learn the lessons of 9-11.

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