America: DNC VS RNC

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Finally we wrapped up the DNC Convention. To be honest, I didn’t watch it. Couldn’t. Seeing the purposeful and willful destruction of the American way of life paraded out on stage like that, was sickening. The corruption and blatant illegal activity was stunning. The Mafia has nothing on the DNC.

Democrat platform

I caught bits and pieces of the speeches by different people. I heard nothing about the America I know. Nothing of what it’s going to take to rebuild it to it’s former glory. In fact, what I did hear was that every thing is pretty much going ok. We just need to make it better. More rights to illegal immigrants,  less rights to Law Enforcement, more “assistance” to the less fortunate, and kinder and more gentler attitude towards our enemies.

That in a nutshell is the DNC platform. To emphasis these points the DNC brings out an illegal immigrant 17 year old girl to speak about how she loves America, blah, blah, blah. I have a problem with that. A big problem. She and her mother should never have been there in the first place. They should have been arrested on the spot and processed for deportation. Sound “cold hearted?” Just facts, actually, and in the pages of this current administration, it’s truth no one wants to hear.


And why did they bring a parent whose son was killed by police onstage? Doesn’t that just pull on your heart strings? Not mine.

There’s a reason your “kid” ended up on the wrong side of a LEO’s weapon. Sweet and innocent isn’t one of them. This administration has given this group “BLM” legitimacy, even welcoming them into the White House. They are a Domestic Terrorist Group, pure and simple. At least to the rest of the sane country.

BTW, we lost another LEO this morning in San Diego, CA. One dead, one survived and is out of surgery. Suspect in custody.We reported that here.

No cops, no flags, plenty of murder

There were no uniformed police officers allowed inside the convention hall, per order of the DNC. Too volatile they said.

A woman spoke this week at the DNC about the abortion she had. How liberating it was. How freeing it was. The crowd went wild. Thrilled beyond belief. Sanctioned murder. But, hey this is the DNC, anything goes and is acceptable.

Another point, where were the American flags? On day one a honor guard brought out the colors during the Pledge of Allegiance. Then promptly retreated. They were gone for the entire day.

The DNC had to literally be shamed by social media to bring the flags back to the stage. Even then they were relegated to the dark sides of the stage. They were not in most of the camera shots. If you panned the audience, again you would see the absence of U.S. Flags and red, white, and blue, for that matter.

Same applies to the outside at the demonstrations. Lots of flags being waved. Too bad they were from other countries. China, Palestinian, Iran, Hamas, and other assorted “friendlies.” The only American flags seen were the ones being burned.

I truly believe that Liberalism is a Mental Illness. You can not talk reason or logic to them. They have their programming and it cannot be altered.



Let’s switch gears and go back to the RNC. This convention differed in so many ways from the DNC. It’s hard to think that they are part of the same political system. Just the other side of the coin. This time it really is different. It’s not the same old party, following the same old party line as usual. That has caused quite a stir within the Republican party. That is a good thing.

Day one we find the Convention floor getting pretty loud and contentious. Some delegates don’t like the rules that govern the way delegates vote. That gets hashed out. Then it’s on to the speeches. Again, I did not watch the convention itself. Picked up the speeches later.

Every single speech to a person spoke the values of America and what we needed to make America great again. Patriotism ran at a fever pitch. Respect was the theme of the crowd. They came to listen. They came to be energized. They were not disappointed.

As for the issue of the American Flag. I don’t think you could point a camera anywhere inside that convention center. Anywhere, and not see an American Flag. It was a Red, White and Blue Convention.

What makes America great

The things that make America great and unique in this world were addressed. Our Nation’s sovereignty, specifically our borders and the illegal immigrant situation. Our Military and it’s current condition. Our economy. Our debt. Our jobs. The things that are on the average American’s mind as they go about their daily lives. Then our Veterans and the broken VA system.

A commitment was made to fix this… a believable commitment.

Even outside the RNC the protests were not as bad as predicted. Certainly the violence that was said to happen didn’t occur. Surprise! In an open carry state no less. Gee, maybe the 2A actually works after all.

I believe that this party has done their due diligence and nominated the best candidate to run for President. Some argue that he is unqualified for the job. Maybe. He knows a lot about business and how to be successful. This country could use that. As for other areas of the administration? I’m sure he knows people with the right qualifications to bring on board.

Bring this country back

I want my country back. Not the 13 Colonies, but a country where we as Americans can be proud of our country, of our exceptionalism, of our independence from the government, and our reliance on ourselves for our own destiny.

Where this country is both feared and respected among the nations of the world. Where our borders are secure. Where our men and women of our Law Enforcement don’t have to walk in fear in our streets.

We have a Constitution, which is a basis for our rule of law. It sets this country apart from every single nation on the planet. We are unique.

I don’t want us to be a part of this thing called “Globalization.” It’s time for some good old fashioned “me” time. Time to be a little selfish. It is well past time that we change the direction we are heading in. The only way is to do something completely differently.

No more Politician, Elitist, “That’s the way we’ve always done it” that is what got us in the trouble we are in now. No more Politically Correct BS either. Straight up talk. Call it what it is. Say it. We have a lot of work to do. We have accomplished a lot so far. We have a long way to go still.

Our country is calling on each and everyone of us. Will you answer the call?

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