America died a little last week- Can we Talk? Really, CAN WE TALK?

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America died a little last week.  You’ve seen the results, but did you catch the signs?  Let’s recap, shall we?


Stars and Bars – Southern Cross

On June 17th, a hate filled nut job, Dylann Roof, murdered 9 people in a Charleston, South Carolina church.  Yes, the nut job has been caught.  He’ll spend the rest of his life behind bars, never again tasting the air of freedom.  But because of a few FaceBook posts, America focused attention on a piece of cloth.  That’s right, the infamous ‘Stars and Bars’ otherwise known as the Confederate battle flag has taken flak for what nut job Dylann Roof did in Charleston.

A symbol of southern pride,  the Confederate flag did NOT murder 9 innocent people.

Starting with a call to remove the flag from South Carolina’s capital, retailers and others including Wal-Mart, E-Bay, Amazon, Sears, K-mart, Apple and even the National Park Service will no longer sell or distribute merchandise containing the Stars and Bars symbol.

The cleansing of all things “racist”

Think about that.  Major corporations will risk profits and long time customers to appease and maintain their status among the politically correct liberal leftists. Somewhere in the world pigs must be flying.

There are even calls to remove stained glass windows from the National Cathedral because they contain images of the Confederate battle flag, a reference to the Civil War.  Did a winter chill just blow through hell?

They want to destroy this stained glass window because of an image of the Confederate flag

They are defacing Confederate memorials, like a statue  at the Fort Sumter Memorial in Charleston…painting #BlackLivesMatter on it.

 america died

From the “stars and Bars” to the National Cathedral’s stained glass windows, America died a little last week


The Confederate Memorial at Fort Sumter in Charleston

Learning from the past

The irony is that those claiming the Stars and Bars is a symbol of hate and bigotry are displaying their own ignorance and intolerance.

Much like the Taliban destroying ancient monuments because they don’t fit with their religious views, it is NOT possible to re-write the past.

Instead of denying the past, the mature approach is to embrace the past, both good and bad, learn from it, striving to do better in the future.


While the Stars and Bars was being vilified, the Supreme Court voted to uphold Obamacare subsidies in direct conflict with the letter of the law.

In one of his more famous speeches, on February 16, 2008, to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Founders Day Gala, Obama himself said,

“Don’t tell me words don’t matter. I have a dream – just words, words. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal – just words. We have nothing to fear but fear itself – just words, just speeches.”

If words in a speech matter, then surely words in a president’s signature legislation also matter.  Yet, the Black Robed justices ignored the letter of the law, consulted their individual crystal balls and tarot card decks to channel the ‘intent’ of the United States legislature.

Led by Justice Roberts, the Men & women In Black, usurped the authority of 535 elected representatives and senators, representing 330 million American citizens, and decided they know what’s best for America, effectively legislating from the bench.

Authoring the dissenting opinion, Justice Scalia called the majority’s reasoning “quite absurd” and “interpretive jiggery-pokery.”  Justice Scalia said,

“We really should start calling this law Scotus-care.”

Those pigs must be soaring high now.  Because folks, that is NOT how this country is meant to operate.  That is NOT what the constitution, nor the framers, intended.

Gay Marriage a Constitutional Right?

Thinking the week can’t get any worse, yesterday the Supremes issued their ruling on same-sex marriage.

Let’s go ahead and dispel any discussion on whether you approve or disapprove of same-sex marriage.  For the record, I support same sex marriage.  But what I do NOT support is ever increasing federal encroachment on state’s rights.

I’ve read the constitution, every word, and cannot find any reference to marriage, straight or same-sex, anywhere in the document.  Yet, the Black Robed Supremes somehow found that it is protected right.

In a strange twist of irony, dissenting Justice Roberts said that SCOTUS does not have the authority to legislate, to make law from the bench.  WHAT!?  In the ruling released the day before that is exactly what Justice Roberts did when he re-wrote the text of the Affordable Care Act effectively establishing SCOTUS-Care.

To be clear, marriage is a State’s Rights issue as described in the 10th Amendment.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The Supremes should have never agreed to hear the case.  By doing so, federalism trampled all over the rights of the sovereign states.  You have to ask yourself, what’s next?

Hell of a Week

In just a few days all of us lost freedom last week.  The Constitution was ignored last week.    America died a little last week.

If these events don’t make you want to pull your hair out, you’re either not paying attention, you don’t care or you’re too dumb to know the difference.

Quite frankly, that’s exactly what the progressives are counting on. 

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