Are the Allegations Against Judge Roy Moore Fake News?

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Isn’t it interesting that one of Judge Roy Moore’s accusers used to work for the DNC, Hillary, and Joe Biden. Not to mention that she frantically deleted some of her Facebook posts which revealed her extreme left-wing views, and hatred of President Trump. She is a Democrat Activist. Fake news once again – Democrat dirty tricks.

She was 17 when she stated that the Judge dated her. He was 34. She dated him with full consent of her mother, and in Alabama, the age of consent is 16. The big deal? The judge kissed her twice. No sexual contact. No law violation. No problem here. No violation of the law- why the Washington Post published it at all is pure fake news and designed to force Moore out of the Senate race. There are three other accusers, only one of which stated there was sexual contact.

The problem comes as she was one of  four women contacted by the Washington Post, who stated that there were improprieties by Judge Roy Moore with underage women. Conveniently, WaPo didn’t mention that one of the women worked for the DNC and was a rabid Trump hater, and strongly favorable to the opposition candidate, Doug Jones.

Breitbart reported some of the deleted posts before she scrubbed them.  They wrote:

Gibson’s other active postings evidence far-left leanings, sharing a video urging “resistance” against Trump and reposting material numerous times from former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, an activist leader with the George Soros-funded

In one posting that is still on her page, Gibson urged the removal of Trump from office, writing, “Get Trump OUT before we all get nuked!”

“How fast can we be rid of Trump?” she asks. “Seriously, time is of the essence. This is not a playground exchange….”

On February 2, she wrote, “Need to invoke 25th Amendment & impeach before there is war on American soil. Heartbroken to say that I truly believe this…

As of this writing, Gibson’s “like” section is still active. It includes multiple radical groups, including the South Florida chapter of the Soros-linked “Indivisible” group seeking to disrupt Trump’s agenda and presidency. Also “liked” is the Soros-financed ACLU and “Michigan for Revolution.”

She further “likes” numerous anti-Trump Facebook communities, including “Donald Trump Is Not My President” and “Expose Trump.”

At one point, in February, Gibson’s cover image was a banner that read “Resist”

Thanks, Breitbart, for nailing down her left wing agenda so well. So, again as we previously reported, we have a hint that Ms. Gibson  is part of a Democrat plan to stop Judge Moore from winning the election. Judge Moore has responded to the allegations, according to the Washington Examiner.   It shows that the Democrats – and establishment Republicans- will stop at nothing, even a 40 year old innocuous encounter,  to keep the swamp full of their own people.

“I know her, but I don’t remember going out on dates. I knew her as a friend. If we did go out on dates, then we did, but I do not remember that.” Judge Roy Moore


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